What does TNS tns-01189 mean?

What does TNS tns-01189 mean?

TNS-01189: The listener could not authenticate the user Cause: The user attempted to issue a privileged administrative command, but could not be successfully authenticated by the listener using the local OS authentication mechanism. This may occur due to one of the following reasons:1.

What does tns-01106 actually do?

Usually, TNS-01106 notifies you that the listener you want to start is already started. You don’t have to start it again. If the listener that you want to start is different from the default one, that’s another story. Here is my case: I have setup an additional listener in listener.ora at grid level for a single-instance database.

How do I escape from tns-01106?

If you don’t use IPC protocol or external procedures in your database server, you can either remove or comment out the IPC line in order to escape from TNS-01106. Just add a # symbol to lead the line of PROTOCOL = IPC in LISTENER2.