What does the boy say at the end of Terminator?

What does the boy say at the end of Terminator?

Sarah understands this and has accepted her fate: The boy speaks in Spanish. SARAH: What did he just say? OLD MAN: He said there’s a storm coming in.

What was Terminator last words?

The Terminator looks around for a second, then says the famous line, “I’ll be back” and leaves. After a second, the Terminator returns by driving a car through the station wall and running over Sergeant Wright.

Was Terminator Salvation a flop?

“Terminator Salvation” is the movie fans were waiting for, a film finally set in the future starring John Connor, and it failed to deliver in almost every way.

What was Marcus Wright on death row?

Marcus Wright (born August 22, 1975) was a human on Death Row in 2003, convicted for multiple homicide and was executed shortly after signing his body over to Dr. Serena Kogan of Cyberdyne Systems Genetic Research Division.

What happens at the end of the Terminator?

The Terminator John gives Reese a photograph of Sarah to identify her, and Reese ends up cherishing it and falling in love with her once they meet, conceiving John. In the climactic moments of the film, Reese sacrifices his life to save Sarah, completing his destiny (at least in this timeline).

What happens at the end of Terminator 1?

At the end of The Terminator, Kyle Reese, the human resistance soldier sent back in time from the year 2029 to protect Sarah Connor, dies when he blows up himself and the Terminator with a pipe bomb. “Not even have the Terminator rise out as the endoskeleton, but just end with Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor hugging.”

How does the Terminator story end?

Carl joins up with Dani, Grace, and Sarah, and together they destroy the Rev-9 in a hydroelectric plant. Grace is killed in the process, and Carl is destroyed as well. The film ends with Dani vowing to prevent Grace’s death, and going off with Sarah to train for her future role as leader of the human resistance.

What did Arnold say at the end of dark fate?

“He can’t shoot a kid in the chest and live. I don’t care what your redemption arc is, you don’t get away with that. He can’t live.” Carl does make peace with Sarah for killing her son, as his last words are “For John.” She managed to call Schwarzenegger’s machine Carl by the end, as well.

How much money did Arnold Schwarzenegger make in Terminator?

Schwarzenegger was reportedly paid an incredible $15 million for playing the reprogrammed android assassin. Fans of the classic science fiction movie will know, though, that the Terminator is hardly the most verbose character in the history of cinema.

Is Terminator Salvation a sequel to Terminator 3?

Terminator Salvation is a 2009 American military science fiction action film directed by McG and written by John Brancato and Michael Ferris. It is the fourth installment of the Terminator franchise and serves as a sequel to Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003).

How strong is grace in Terminator?

Because of her enhancements, Grace has increased speed and strength and combat skills. She is able to fight hand-to-hand with the Rev-9 Terminator and block crushing blows that would otherwise severely injure or kill a normal human soldier.

Is Marcus a terminator?

Marcus was a human/Terminator hybrid created by Skynet, although he was unaware of his origins — having been designed as the perfect spy to slip into the human resistance. Skynet’s plan worked too well, as Marcus saw himself more like a human than a machine.

How does Terminator Salvation end?

While Terminator Salvation may end with John Connor preparing to lead the human resistance after mankind achieves its first real victory against Skynet, the movie was initially intended to end on a drastically different and much darker note.

What happens to John Connor in Terminator 2 after salvation?

With the ending of Salvation involving Connor’s death, it would have become clear that the conclusion of Terminator 2 had taken the future way off-course, with John Connor no longer destined to lead the human uprising against the machines.

How does’Terminator Salvation’end?

While Terminator Salvation ends on a relatively victorious note, the movie was originally set to go down a much grimmer road that would have ended the film on a major cliffhanger with the death of John Connor, with his skin, including his face, being grafted onto Connor’s ally, the human-Terminator hybrid Marcus Wright, played by Sam Worthington.

Why was Terminator Genisys cancelled?

Following the lukewarm reception to Terminator Salvation, the bankruptcy of the film’s production company, The Halcyon Company, led to a bidding war over the rights to the franchise, with hedge fund Pacificor winning. The series was subsequently rebooted with 2015’s Terminator Genisys , with Paramount Pictures distributing.