What channel is Crash and Bernstein on?

What channel is Crash and Bernstein on?

Disney XDCrash & Bernstein / NetworkDisney XD is an American pay television channel owned by the Disney Branded Television and Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution units of The Walt Disney Company. The channel is aimed primarily at older children ages six to eleven years old. Wikipedia

Is Crash and Bernstein on Disney+?

Currently you are able to watch “Crash & Bernstein” streaming on Disney Plus or buy it as download on Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies.

Where was Crash and Bernstein made?

“Crash & Bernstein” is about a boy named Wyatt Bernstein who lives with his mom and sisters in Portland, Oregon. For his 12th birthday, Wyatt is taken to a Build-A-Bestie store where he creates a puppet that he names Crash, who comes to life as the brother he always wanted.

Who plays pesto on Crash and Bernstein?

He is a friend of Wyatt and Crash….

Relationships Wyatt Bernstein (best friend) Crash Bernstein (friend) Amanda Bernstein (admirer)
Affiliation(s) Crash, Wyatt,
Portrayed By Aaron Landon

How old is Cleo From Crash and Bernstein?

Cleo is just a year younger than Wyatt at the age of twelve and shares a room with both him and Crash, much to their dismay. Cleo claims that Crash always goes onto her side of the bedroom and before he got his own bed he slept in her doors and slept upside down on her bed handel….

Cleo Bernstein
Hair Color Brown

How many episodes are in Crash and Bernstein?

39Crash & Bernstein / Number of episodes

Will Crash and Bernstein come back?

Crash & Bernstein is a live-action television comedy with puppetry which premiered on October 8, 2012 on Disney XD. On November 9, 2012, Disney XD extended the series’ first season to 26 episodes. After the last episode aired on August 11, 2014, the series was cancelled, thus ending its two-year run.

How old is Wyatt from Crash and Bernstein?

Wyatt Bernstein (played by Cole Jensen) – Wyatt is a 12-year-old boy among three sisters who wishes to have a brother. Wyatt is the middle child in the Bernstein family. This results in his building Crash at Build-A-Bestie.

What is Landry Bender?

Landry Bender (born August 3, 2000) is an American actress. She is known for playing the role of Cleo Bernstein in the Disney XD series Crash & Bernstein, and playing Blithe Pedulla in the 2011 film The Sitter. Bender played one of the lead roles, Cyd, in the 2015–2016 Disney Channel sitcom Best Friends Whenever.

How old is Landry Bender?

21 years (August 3, 2000)Landry Bender / Age

How many seasons of Crash and Bernstein are there?

2Crash & Bernstein / Number of seasons

Who did Oana Gregory play in lab rats?

“Lab Rats” Air Leo (TV Episode 2012) – Oana Gregory as Stephanie – IMDb.

Where can I watch crash and Bernstein online?

The series first aired on October 8, 2012. Crash & Bernstein is available for streaming on the Disney XD website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Crash & Bernstein on demand at Disney+, Amazon, Google Play and Apple TV.

Who is Wyatt Bernstein on the Goldbergs and what is he like?

The sitcom focuses on the character of teenager Wyatt Bernstein, who is the only male in the apartment rented by his mother for herself, Wyatt and his two sisters Cleo and Amanda. In the first episode, Wyatt resents the fact he is the only male in the house and makes his feelings known about his longing for a brother to be added to the family.

How old are crash’s sisters in the book Crash?

Crash finds Wyatt living in a household full of sisters, including his mother, popular 16-year-old Amanda, fashion-forward middle sister Cleo and assertive 6-year-old Jasmine. As Crash assumes the responsibility of looking after and protecting Wyatt, adventures of chaos and family love ensues.