What are the subjects in company secretary course?

What are the subjects in company secretary course?

There are four core subjects in the Company Secretary Foundation Program….They are as follows:

  • Business Environment and Entrepreneurship.
  • Fundamental of Accounting and Auditing.
  • Business Management Ethics and Communication.
  • Business Economics.

Which subject is best for company secretary?

Company Secretary Courses, Subjects & Specialisations

  • Banking Law and Practice.
  • Capital, Commodity and Money Market.
  • Insurance Law and Practice.
  • Intellectual Property Rights – Law and Practice.
  • International Business-Laws and Practice.

What is company secretary course about?

Company Secretary Course Details

Course Name Company Secretary Course (CS)
CS Total Course fee Professional Program: INr 12,000
CS Qualification Required Candidates must pass their 10+2 exams
CS Eligibility Foundation program:- 10+2 examination
Executive program:- Graduation/ foundation program

Is there maths in company secretary?

No, maths is not compulsory for company secretary. It is the course which can be pursued after 12th class. Institute of Company Secretaries of India is institute which conducts exams of cs, cs comprises of 3 stages cs foundation, cs executive, cs professional.

Is CS exam tough?

It is not hard but yes it requires hard work. In CS mostly papers are theoretical which makes it the most difficult course for some students. There are simple rules to follow.

Is MBA better than CS?

Go for MBA ( from good college ) as CS has less job opportunities and jobs are only available in big cities . Mainly big companies appoint CA who does work of CS also . So MBA is very better option .

How long is CS course?

3 years
Courses & Duration The CS (Company Secretary) is a 3 years professional course equivalent to the UG degree. The CS course is conducted by the ICSE (Institute of Company Secretaries of India). The CS course is divided into three levels as the following: Foundation Course – 8 months.

Can a CS get government job?

There are many job opportunities for corporate secretaries in government in various industries. Candidates are given the opportunity to work in the stock market, corporate affairs department, legal board, and various government departments upon completing the course.

Is there entrance exam for CS?

CS Executive Entrance Test (CSEET) is the qualifying entrance test for registration to the CS Executive programme. CSEET is conducted for students seeking admission to Company Secretaryship Course. To be a part of Company Secretary course, every student must go through the CSEET exam.

What are the qualifications of company secretary?

A Company Secretary should also possess the following special qualifications:

  • Knowledge of Company Law:
  • Knowledge of Mercantile Law:
  • Knowledge of Economics:
  • General Knowledge:
  • The Secretary must be smart, unbiased, and must have high IQ, presence of mind and amiable personality.

What are the subjects included in company secretary course?

Company Secretary Courses, Subjects & Specialisations. This course is a corporate professional course. The Company Secretary Foundation course includes subjects like business environment, entrepreneurship, management, communication, ethics, economics, and accounting.. The Company Secretary Executive syllabus comprises company law, commercial law, tax law, general law, securities law, and

What is the duration of company secretary course?

The student has to go 15 months of practical training which may opt after passing the Executive program.

  • ICSI Executive program can be pursued after foundation course.
  • The professional program can be pursued after successful completion of the Executive course.
  • Is company secretary a graduation course?

    The Student who would like to join the Course after passing the Graduation has to undergo two stages of the Company Secretaryship i.e.

    What is company secretary course?

    By pursuing the Company Secretary course,one gets trained to perform every role and responsibilities of a Company secretary.

  • Candidates can pursue this subject at any age after 17,and there is no age restriction of being a company secretary as well.
  • Candidates can have flexible working hours,and work under low stress.