Is there short term parking at Hobby Airport?

Is there short term parking at Hobby Airport?

Key Airport Parking – Located east of the airport. Offers both long and short-term indoor self-parking. Park-Hobby 4 Less – This low-cost parking option offers a secure lot and complimentary shuttle 24 hours a day, along with cold bottled water upon exit. The complimentary luggage assistance is also a nice touch.

How much does parking cost at Houston airport?

All terminal parking garages remain open at a daily rate of $24.00 per day….Terminal Parking.

Hourly Parking Pre-Tax Rate Rate W/ Tax
.11 -1 hr $ 4.62 $ 5.00
1-2 hrs $ 5.54 $ 6.00
2-3 hrs $ 7.39 $ 8.00
3-5 hrs $ 9.24 $ 10.00

How long can you park at Hobby Airport?

HOU has two self-parking garages close to the terminal. The Red Garage also offers Valet Parking….from Houston Airports.

Hourly Parking Pre-Tax Rate Rate W/ Tax
1-2 hrs $ 5.54 $ 6.00
2-3 hrs $ 7.39 $ 8.00
3-5 hrs $ 9.24 $ 10.00
5-24 hrs $ 22.17 $ 24.00

How much is it to park at Bush Airport?

Parking at George Bush Intercontinental Airport ranges in price from $5 for 1-hour of short-term parking, to $26 per day for valet long-term parking.

How much is parking at Love Field airport?

Parking at the Dallas airport costs from $4 per hour at the hourly parking lot, to $26 per day for Valet Parking. See below for a full set of short and long-term parking prices and options at Dallas Love Airport….Short-Term DAL Parking.

Garage A Rate
5-24 hrs $15
3-24 hrs (roof) $13
5-24 hrs (premium) $25
Valet Rate

Can you use credit for car rental?

Re: Travel Funds for Rental Car Nope. Travel funds can only be used towards airfare.

What terminal is Southwest at Hobby?

Terminal Level 2 – Central Concourse The Central Concourse with gates 20-32 on the east side and gates 40-50 on the west side is currently served by American, Delta, JetBlue, Southwest, and ViaAir.

Is there a smoking section at Hobby Airport?

HOU is designated as a smoke-free facility by city ordinance. Smoking areas are offered outside Levels 1 and 2 at least 25 feet away from the exit doors. Pay phones are provided throughout the airport.

How much is parking at Hobby Airport?

Whether you’re looking for a convenient valet or economical uncovered Hobby Airport parking spot, you will find an appropriate parking choice at HOU. Daily parking rates vary based on the parking option – from $10 per day for Economy Parking to $28 per day for Valet parking at HOU.

Does Hobby Airport have long term parking?

Hobby airport provides three long-term parking options: off-site lots which cost just $3 per day; Ecopark Lots, located east of the Terminal Parking Garage, at just over $9 per day; and valet parking, which includes covered parking spaces, a free USA Today newspaper and bottle of mineral water, priced at $26 per day.

Is there parking at Hobby Airport?

There are two options for long-term parking at Hobby Airport: the Ecopark Lots, and the pricier valet parking. Ecopark is located east of the Terminal Parking Garage. Though they are within walking distance to the airport, they do offer a free shuttle service.

How much is long term parking at the airport?

Under 15 minutes free; 15-20 minutes $1; each additional 20 mins. $1. Max Charge: $12 max. per 24 hours (Tax included) Location: South of the Main Terminal on Airport property. Access to Terminal: SkyConnect train to the Main Terminal. Access station from elevators located on Level 1 of the garage. Vehicle Clearance: