Is Maida Vale a rich area?

Is Maida Vale a rich area?

While the Little Venice station is regarded as being of a high standard, Maida Vale is considered by many to be even more posh and refined.

Is Maida Vale a nice place to live?

Maida Vale is considered a very safe neighbourhood, as it is primarily a residential and professional area, with very little tourist leisure. Rather than bars and clubs, its locals tend to spend time in independent restaurants, coffee shops and gastropubs, so there’s no noisy kicking-out times or rowdy crowds.

Is Maida Hill Nice?

Lovely quiet streets, Victorian terraced houses, gems like The Truscott Arms with amazing food and beer, and 20 minutes walk from Hyde Park – it’s tough to beat. It’s great. Good restaurants and pubs nearby. Within walking distance to Notting Hill, Portobello Road, Queens Park and loads of other great places.

Is Maida Vale in Middlesex?

Maida Vale (/ˈmeɪdə veɪl/ MAY-də vayl) is an affluent residential district consisting of the northern part of Paddington in West London, west of St John’s Wood and south of Kilburn. Maida Vale is part of the City of Westminster, 3.1 miles (5.0 km) north-west of Charing Cross.

Is Little Venice posh?

‘As a result, there has been a tremendous shift in perception and Little Venice now sits comfortably among its affluent neighbours, with sales prices approaching £1,500 per square foot. And as it’s become increasingly sought after, prices have increased sharply.

Which borough is Maida Vale?

Westminster borough
Maida Vale ward, in the north-west of Westminster borough, is a mostly residential and affluent area made up of many large late Victorian and Edwardian blocks of mansion flats and wide streets.

What Tube line is Maida Vale on?

Bakerloo line
Maida Vale is a London Underground station in Maida Vale in inner north-west London. The station is on the Bakerloo line, between Kilburn Park and Warwick Avenue stations, and is in Travelcard Zone 2.

What postcode is Maida Vale?

Maida Vale in Westminster is in the London region of England. The postcode is within the Little Venice ward/electoral division, which is in the constituency of Westminster North. This page combines information for the address Maida Vale, Westminster, London, W9 1AE, and the neighbourhood in which it resides.

When was Warrington Crescent?

Built in 1857, The Warrington holds many tales within its wooden panels.

Is Warwick Avenue safe?

The safest station according to the data is in fact Warwick Avenue, were 0.13 crimes were recorded per 100,000 passengers.

What district is Maida Vale in?

It makes up most of the W9 postal district. The southern part of Maida Vale, at the junction of Paddington Basin with Regent’s Canal with many houseboats, is known as Little Venice. Paddington Recreation Ground is also located in Maida Vale.

What happened to Maida Vale BBC Studios?

In 2018 the BBC announced plans to close the Maida Vale studios and relocate its functions to East London. Little Venice is a comparatively recent name for parts of Maida Vale and Paddington in the City of Westminster. It consists of the area surrounding the Little Venice basin and its canals.

What is the main church in Maida Vale?

The principal church in Maida Vale is St Augustine’s, sometimes referred to as “The Cathedral of North London”; the area is also served by St Mark’s parish church, Hamilton Terrace and by St Saviour’s Church, Warwick Avenue, a building constructed in 1972–1976 in a “modern” style.

Was Paddington filmed in Maida Vale?

Several scenes from Paddington (2014) were filmed in Maida Vale, including using the tube station (mocked up to appear to be the fictional ‘Westbourne Oak’ station) and a police chase on Castellain Road.