Is Huawei P40 Lite E waterproof?

Is Huawei P40 Lite E waterproof?

With regards to the standard Huawei P40 and P40 Lite, there’s no length assigned with their water resistance. This is due to the fact that the phone should not be submerged in any depth of water. On the other hand, the Huawei P40 Pro can last up to 30 minutes in water before receiving any damage.

When did P40 Lite E come out?


Launch Announced 2020, March 04
Status Available. Released 2020, March 12

How much RAM does a P40 Lite have?

More Memory for Fortunately, HUAWEI P40 lite is fitted with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB ROM large storage, so there’s enough space for all your snapshots, no matter how much of a shutterbug you are. The awesome memory also means you can run more apps at the same time, without affecting the running speed.

Is Huawei P40 Lite camera good?

The Huawei P40 Lite has a 16MP f/2.0 camera with a fixed focus. It snaps some very good shots when there is plenty of light even if lacking in detail. Colors are very accurate here, and the contrast is nice.

Is P40 Lite dual SIM?

Select dual SIM settings on your Huawei P40 lite 5G Android 10.0. When you insert two SIMs into your phone, you can make calls and send and receive messages from both SIMs. You can also select a default SIM for mobile data usage.

Does P40 Lite have 5G?

The HUAWEI P40 lite 5G features the new and improved 7nm Kirin 820, a balanced chipset that incorporates an advanced 8-core CPU, 6-core GPU and proprietary NPU, harnessing next-level intelligence to achieve a new realm of performance.

Does the Huawei P40 Lite E have NFC?

Turn NFC on your Huawei P40 lite 5G Android 10.0 on or off NFC (Near Field Communication) is a wireless connection which can be used to transfer information to and from your phone. By holding your phone close to an NFC tag or NFC reader you can pay for groceries, connect to web pages or call a phone number and more.

Does P40 Lite E have NFC?

Huawei P40 lite E 64GB NFC Blue.

How old is the Huawei P40 Lite?

Huawei P40 Lite mobile was launched on 26th February 2020. The phone comes with a 6.40-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1080×2310 pixels and an aspect ratio of 19:9.

How old is Huawei P40 Lite?

What can P40 Lite do?

The Huawei P40 lite supports voice over LTE and Wi-Fi calling, which means if you insert two SIM cards into the smartphone, both can be used for 4G connections. It is a replacement for Google Mobile Services, which runs natively on Android devices and enables certain features and services.

Can a P40 Lite take a memory card?

With its powerful HUAWEI Kirin 810 mobile platform and 6GB RAM, the P40 Lite has all the performance you need for enjoying the latest games and getting serious work done. The 128GB of internal storage should be enough for most user’s needs, but you can supplement 256GB NM SD card compatibility.

What are the specifications of Huawei P40 Android smartphone?

Huawei P40 Android smartphone. Announced Mar 2020. Features 6.1″ display, Kirin 990 5G chipset, 3800 mAh battery, 256 GB storage, 8 GB RAM.

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