Is GrandChase Mobile good?

Is GrandChase Mobile good?

Grand Chase is a good game, with a Awesome Story and Awesome Badass 19 Characters and if you don’t like one of them you can also try another.

Is GrandChase any good?

If you’re new to the game, you should definitely do this: GrandChase has a very impressive and engaging story, and knowing what’s going on gives you a more immersive experience. Let’s start with the monetization system. There are three currency types in Grand Chase: Gem, gold, and prana.

Is GrandChase popular?

After becoming a large success, the game expanded to most of Asia, the Americas and Europe. Grand Chase broke the record of most played online game in Brazil and earned the “most popular online game” award in Indonesia on 2011.

Is GrandChase dead?

Closure. From 2013 to 2015, all of the Grand Chase servers ceased operations; the North American server was shut down on April 15, 2015, after eight years of operations, as KOG encouraged its players to migrate to Elsword.

What is Grand Chase m and how is it different?

Grand Chase M is the mobile version of the once popular PC MMORPG, Grand Chase, which shut down on April 15, 2015. Grand Chase M was co-developed by the same developers of Grand Chase (KOG) but the game itself is very different.

Is Grand Grand Chase a good game?

Grand Chase is a free side-scrolling online action RPG with anime inspired graphics. Enjoy exciting adventures in dungeons and PvP with 20 unique characters. – 66% of the 428 user reviews in the last 30 days are positive. – 53% of the 17,528 user reviews for this game are positive.

What happened to grandchase m?

It went through a closed beta test, and then in 2018, KoG ordered Davinci to shutdown GrandChase M to make way for the official sequel to the PC MMO GrandChase. Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser. Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser is a gacha game that is a sequel to Grand Chase.

Who is Grand Chase M made by?

Grand Chase M was co-developed by KOG Games, the creators of the original Grand Chase, and Davinci Games, a new game developer based in South Korea, and published by Actoz Games (also known as Actoz Soft), a South Korean game publisher most known for publishing the PC MMORPG, Dragon Nest, and the mobile online RPG, Iron Knights.