Is Charbagh and LJN same?

Is Charbagh and LJN same?

Yes, LKO refers to major part of Lucknow Charbagh railway station which comes under Northern railways zone. LJN is basically situated at West end on Charbagh railway station and carers to North-eastern railway zone. Both are different stations but part of Charbagh station.

Is Lucknow NR and Charbagh same?

While the LKO or Lucknow NR ( Northern Railway ) connects Lucknow to the rest of India . All Major trains except those from East U.P. (not all) will have their Halt here. Both stations are collectively known as Charbagh and the Station Building itself is one of the iconic building of Lucknow .

Is Lko a Choti line?

Lucknow Junction railway station (official name Lucknow NER, station code LJN) is one of the two main railway stations of Lucknow city for broad gauge trains. Colloquially, it is known as “Chhoti Line”, historically it harbored NE Railways’ Meter Gauge.

Which is Lucknow main station?

Lucknow Railway Station is also called Lucknow Charbagh Railway Station (Lucknow NR Station). It is the largest and most important railway station in the city.

Which is Lucknow main railway station?

Lucknow Junction (officially Lucknow NER, station code: LJN) is one of the two main railway stations of Lucknow city for 5 ft 6 in (1,676 mm) broad gauge trains.

What is the Pincode of Charbagh?

Housing the two most prominent railway stations of Lucknow city, Charbagh is a region which is located towards the south of Lucknow city, and its PIN code is 226004.

What is the name of Charbagh railway station?

Lucknow Charbagh Railway Station (LKO) लखनऊ चारबाग रेलवे स्टेशन Lucknow Charbagh railway station (Station code is LKO & official name is Lucknow NR) is operated by Lucknow Division of Northern Railway.

How many railway stations are there in Delhi?

There are 48 railway stations in Delhi. The 5 main Delhi railway stations are Delhi, New Delhi, Hazrat Nizamuddin, Anand Vihar Terminus, Delhi Sarai Rohilla….Train Stations and Station Code of Delhi.

# 05
Station Name Anand Vihar Terminus
Place Anand Vihar

What is the full form of Lucknow NR?

Lucknow NR railway division is one of the five railway divisions under Northern Railway zone (NR) of Indian Railways. This railway division was formed on 23 April 1867 and its headquarters are located at Lucknow in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Who is the city of Nawab?

Lucknow is popularly known as the The City of Nawabs.It is also known as the Golden City of the East, Shiraz-i-Hind and The Constantinople of India.