Is an IMEI 14 or 15 digits?

Is an IMEI 14 or 15 digits?

An IMEI is 15 digits. An MEID (for CDMA networks) is 14 digits.

How do I find the last digit of a IMEI number?

Therefore, all references to the last three or six digits of an IMEI refer to the actual IMEI number, to which the check digit does not belong. The check digit is validated in three steps: Starting from the right, double every other digit (e.g., 7 → 14). Sum the digits (e.g., 14 → 1 + 4).

How do I find out my IMEI number?

What and where is my IMEI number?

  1. Dial *#06# from your device.
  2. You’ll see your IMEI number displayed on your screen.

Why is IMEI 15 digits?

These numbers are also available in GSM, CDMA and IDEN and some satellite phones. This number is made of 15 digits (sometimes 16 and 17 digits) which shows the mobile phone device number, its place of origin and the serial number of mobile (device). The IMEI number of any phone indicates the phone’s current location.

Are all IMEI numbers 15 digits?

IMEI numbers are always 15 digits long, comprised of a 14-digit unique number followed by a “check digit” (or a checksum), which validates the number. A variation of the IMEI, called the IMEISV (IMEI Software Version), includes the 14-digit number plus two digits for the version of the device’s software.

How can I get my IMEI number without my phone?

If you have however lost your phone but did not record the IMEI number beforehand, you can still retrieve the number from your Google Account. Just go to Google Settings, sign-in with your Google account and expand the Android tab.

How can I find the IMEI number of my locked Android phone?

On an Android Locked to a Carrier. Dial *#06# on your phone. Just open the Phone app on your home screen, dial this special code on the dial pad, and then tap the Call button. After a few seconds, you’ll see a screen containing your IMEI.

How to unlock IMEI number?

Go to in a web browser on your computer.

  • Sign in with the Apple ID that you use on your device.
  • Scroll down to the Devices section. To see the serial and IMEI/MEID number,select the device.
  • How to calculate NCK codes from IMEI numbers?

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    How to unlock IMEI free?

    – Part 1. Before Unlock: Things to Check – Part 2. Top 2 Ways to Unlock Phone Free with IMEI – Part 3. Advanced Way to Unlock Phone with IMEI

    How to enter the unlock code on your phone?

    Method 1. Step 1: Open the phone and type#7465625*638*#in the dialer.

  • Method 2. Step 1: Turn off your Samsung device and then insert the SIM Card from a different carrier.
  • Method 3. Step 1: You have to try this method without using a SIM Card.
  • Method 4. Step 1: This is another step that you need to try without the SIM Card.
  • Conclusion.