How much was a Pontiac Firebird?

How much was a Pontiac Firebird?

Make Avg Price YoY
CarGurus Index $30,748 +36.19%
Pontiac Firebird $23,887 +21.71%
1969 Pontiac Firebird $53,214 +45.52%
1979 Pontiac Firebird $39,273 +30.87%

How much did a Pontiac Firebird cost in 1970?

During the years 1970-72, Pontiac offered the Firebird Esprit model, along with the popular Formula 400s and Trans Ams. The base price for a Firebird model was $2,875. The Formula 400 had a great looking hood with two dummy air scoops and featured the 400-cubic inch V-8 engine.

How much did a Pontiac Firebird cost in 1975?

Firebird sales rose from 73,729 cars in 1974 to 84,063 in 1975. A surprising 27,274 of those were Trans Ams, while the other models declined. Ironically, Trans Am sales increased sharply as performance diminished. The base Firebird now started at $3713 and 22,293 found buyers.

What is the price of a Pontiac?

Make Avg Price Last 90 Days
Pontiac $12,293 +3.94%
Pontiac Firebird $23,887 +7.54%
Pontiac G6 $5,825 +2.66%
Pontiac Grand Prix $6,090 +1.81%

What year did the first Pontiac Firebird come out?

When the Firebird first rolled off production lines back in 1967, it marked Pontiac’s glorious entrance into the American pony car market.

How long is a 75 Firebird?

Pontiac Firebird Dimensions 1975

Pontiac Firebird Height 1250mm
Pontiac Firebird Length 4980mm
Pontiac Firebird Ground clearance unladen 132mm
Pontiac Firebird Wheelbase 2740mm
Pontiac Firebird Weight 1644kg

When was Pontiac discontinued?

April 2009
Though Pontiac was at one time one of the top-selling brands in the United States, its leadership was unable to devise a strategy that would allow the Pontiac brand to continue. In business since 1926, Pontiac was discontinued in April 2009.