How much do longleaf pine seedlings cost?

How much do longleaf pine seedlings cost?

Price by Seedling Type

Bare-Root Seedlings Price per 1,000 Price per 500
Improved First-Generation Longleaf Pine $95 $85
Forest Source Longleaf Pine $85 $75
FFS Elite Slash Pine $70 $65
Improved Second-Generation Rust-Resistant Slash Pine $50 $45

How long does it take longleaf pines to grow?

100 to 150 years
Longleaf pine takes 100 to 150 years to become full size and may live to be 500 years old. When young, they grow a long taproot, which usually is 2–3 m (6.6–9.8 ft) long; by maturity, they have a wide spreading lateral root system with several deep ‘sinker’ roots.

How long does longleaf pine stay in the grass stage?

about 2-to-5 years
This grass stage remains intact for about 2-to-5 years, during which time the longleaf pine tree is building its root system underground. The grass stage also allows longleaf pine to be very tolerant of low-intensity fires.

How much is an acre of longleaf pines worth?

A single rake in a high-quality longleaf stand can bring in $100 to $400 per acre. Other markets are emerging for the non-timber benefits longleaf pines provide, from their value as habitat for game an asset if you offer hunting leases to their carbon-storing capabilities.

How much is a seedling?

Costs range between $0.50 and $1.50 per seedling for the smallest seedling orders (generally 100 seedlings).

How do you start a pine seedling?

Push each seed just beneath the soil surface, making sure that it’s in a vertical position with the pointy end facing downward. Place the pots in a sunny window and water thoroughly. Keep the seeds moist and wait, as germination can take months, but should occur by March or April.

How tall can a longleaf pine grow?

80 to 100 feet
Longleaf pine is an evergreen conifer that got its common name for having the longest leaves of the eastern pine species. The needlelike leaves, which come in bundles of three, can grow up to 18 inches (46 centimeters) long. Mature trees stand 80 to 100 feet (24 to 30 meters) tall.

What pine tree grows the fastest?

Eastern white pine and green giant arborvitae are some of the fastest-growing evergreens. Each add on about 2 feet every year!

Why is longleaf pine lumber so desirable?

Its long needles are preferred landscape mulch. It is resistant to disease and insect injury and wind damage from hurricanes. Longleaf pine makes dollars and sense for many landowners. Longleaf pine has the potential to return more profit compared to loblolly pine, thanks to its superior wood qualities.

Where do longleaf pine trees grow in North Carolina?

The historic range of the species stretched from Texas to Virginia, covering approximately 90 million acres. In North Carolina, longleaf pine forests covered nearly all of the upper coastal plain and lower piedmont.

What is the history of the longleaf pine?

The longleaf pine forest is a fundamental component of the cultural and natural history of North Carolina. They were once one of the most extensive ecosystems in North America. The historic range of the species stretched from Texas to Virginia, covering approximately 90 million acres.

Why plant native trees in North Carolina?

β€œThe N.C. Forest Service tree seedling and nursery program has been growing native seedlings for landowners since 1954, providing a high quality renewable resource and economic value to the state. In fact, the forest products industry contributes about $34.9 billion annually to the

How many longleaf seedlings do we grow each year?

That first year we started small and grew 100,000 longleaf seedlings. We started small to learn how to grow top quality seedlings and we have certainly learned a lot since that first crop. Since that spring in 1996, our production has risen to near 15 million seedlings this year.