How good was the movie Lawless?

How good was the movie Lawless?

“Lawless” is a well-made film about ignorant and violent people. Like the recent “Killer Joe,” I can only admire this film’s craftsmanship and acting, and regret its failure to rise above them. Its characters live by a barbaric code that countenances murder. They live or die in a relentless hail of gunfire.

Is Lawless a series or movie?

Lawless is a 2012 American crime drama film directed by John Hillcoat. The screenplay, by Australian singer-screenwriter Nick Cave is based on Matt Bondurant’s historical novel The Wettest County in the World (2008).

Does Netflix have the movie Lawless?

This badass film. Introducing Lawless, an R-rated crime flick that’s gaining popularity on the streaming service. Although it originally premiered in 2012, it just recently claimed the number nine spot on Netflix’s list of most-watched movies.

Why is Rotten Tomatoes so unreliable?

Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer scores are unreliable as a prediction of how much you will like a film probably because you are misinterpreting the metric. All a Tomatometer score tells you is the percentage of film critics who gave a film a positive review.

Is Lawless based on a true story?

Novelist Matt Bondurant’s family has taken its place in gangster lore with the recent release of “Lawless,” an independent film based on the true story of the “Bondurant Boys,” his grandfather Jack and great uncles Howard and Forrest Bondurant, brothers whose moonshine operation was so prolific reporters and federal …

What year is Lawless set in?

John Hillcoat’s new movie, “Lawless” — written by Nick Cave — is based on a true-story novel called “The Wettest County in the World,” by Matt Bondurant. The area in question is Franklin County, Va., and in 1931, when most of the action in the film takes place, it was a bloody paradise of bootleggers.

Is Lawless a true story?

Can Rotten Tomatoes Be Trusted?

Rotten Tomatoes and the Tomatometer score are the world’s most trusted recommendation resources for quality entertainment.

Are Rotten Tomatoes good?

A high rating on Rotten Tomatoes is good. The scores range from 0% to 100%, one hundred being the best and zero being the worst. If a movie’s score is equal to or above 60%, the movie is considered “fresh”, while if it is below 60% it is considered “rotten”.