How do you say black girl in Portuguese?

How do you say black girl in Portuguese?

  1. negrume.
  2. preto.
  3. negro.

What language is Preta?

From Sanskrit preta (participle) departed, deceased, (noun) dead person, spirit of a dead person from pre- to proceed, depart (from pra- forth + i- to go) + -ta, suffix forming participles.

How do you say black in every language?

In other languages Black

  1. American English: black /ˈblæk/
  2. Arabic: أَسْوَد
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: preto.
  4. Chinese: 黑的
  5. Croatian: crn.
  6. Czech: černý
  7. Danish: sort.
  8. Dutch: zwart.

What does tar mean in Portuguese?

More Portuguese words for tar. os alcatrão noun. oil tar. o breu noun. pitch, rosin, resin, colophony.

What Pretas means?

Definition of preta 1 Hinduism : a wandering spirit of a dead person who is not at rest. 2 Buddhism : an unresting ghost tortured incessantly by hunger and thirst.

What Preto means?

noun. black [noun] the colour/color in which these words are printed. black [noun] something (eg paint) black in colour/color. black [noun] (often with capital) someone who belongs to a race of people with dark skin.

How do you say black in African language?


  1. Afrikaans: swart.
  2. Albanian: e zezë
  3. Amharic: ጥቁር
  4. Arabic: أسود
  5. Armenian: Սեվ
  6. Azerbaijani: qara.
  7. Basque: beltza.
  8. Belarusian: чорны

How do you say Afro in different languages?

In other languages afro

  1. American English: Afro /ˈæfroʊ/
  2. Brazilian Portuguese: afro.
  3. Chinese: 非洲发型
  4. European Spanish: afro.
  5. French: afro.
  6. German: Afro-
  7. Italian: afro.
  8. Japanese: アフロ

What is a rakshasi?

rakshasa, Sanskrit (male) Rākṣasa, or (female) Rākṣasī, in Hindu mythology, a type of demon or goblin. Rakshasas have the power to change their shape at will and appear as animals, as monsters, or in the case of the female demons, as beautiful women.

What is Branco?

noun. herd [noun] a group of animals of one kind that stay, or are kept, together.

What does Prieto mean in Portuguese?

English translation: “blackish” or “dark”.