How do you get evil Minions?

How do you get evil Minions?

Once you’ve unlocked the PX41 serum, you’ll be able to transform into Evil Minion. While in this mode, you’ll be able to destroy anything in your path.

How do you unlock characters in Minion Rush?

There are several ways to obtain costume cards. They can be earned by playing missions in Rooms 1, 2, 3 and 4, daily missions, special missions. Additionally, they can be bought in the Shop for banana coins or found inside Prize Pods.

How do you get evil Minions in Minion Rush?

In the older versions, the player could touch the part of the screen where a chemical bottle with purple liquid was displayed. When this power-up is picked up,the player’s Minion became an Evil Minion frantically destroying anything up to 44 seconds.

How do you get GRU coins in Minion Rush?

There are multiple ways to get Coins. They can be bought in the Shop with Tokens as packs of 1,000, 10,000 and 100,000. They are also available inside the various pods and bundle offers available in the shop and after completing missions and during Special Missions.

How do you use the freeze ray in Minion Rush?

The item will appear randomly throughout each run covered by a dark-blue aura. When it is picked up, the player’s Minion will constantly shoot blasts from the ray, which freeze any obstacle blocking the player’s path. The player’s Minion can then safely smash through the frozen obstacles.

How do you get evil minions in Minion Rush?

Is there endless mode in Minion Rush?

The game has lost the leaderboard mechanic and the endless running mode has definitely been modified throughout the years, but I think we’re also going back to basics and are at a period where we really understand what our audience is seeking.”

How do you defeat Meena in Minion Rush?

The minion is slightly hit by Meena’s kart and the battle begins. Meena tries to shoot the Cookie-bots she stole and drives faster if her attack is avoided by minions, but the Minion can simply dodge these attacks swiftly or throw some small cookie-bots (those with a cross on them) to defeat Meena.