How do I create a WEBI template?

How do I create a WEBI template?

Open the WEBI Document, Goto Properties -> Click Document, it will pop up with Document Summary Dialog Box, left bottom we can able to see a button named “Change Default Style”. Click it, it will take you to Default Style window, in that click Export Style.

How do I create a WEBI report?

Creating a New Report

  1. Navigate to Reports, Report Writer, and select New.
  2. Enter your user name and password, and click Log On.
  3. Click Document List.
  4. Open the New menu and select Web Intelligence Document.
  5. Scroll through the list of universes and select Report Writer.

What is a WEBI report?

Web Intelligence (WEBI) is a popular SAP BusinessObjects self-service reporting tool that makes it easy for end users—even non-technical ones—to create ad hoc reports. With a visual interface and drag-and-drop capabilities, WEBI allows users to pose queries, select data elements, add filters, and format information.

What is BOXI report?

Business Objects XI (BOXI) is a software application used to run reports on data held in databases throughout the University. These pages provide staff with information about how to access BOXI as well as user training videos and guides.

How do I create a WEBI report in SAP?

To generate an ad-hoc report in the SAP BusinessObjects BI launch pad

  1. Log on to the BI launch pad.
  2. From the Applications menu, select Web Intelligence Application.
  3. Create a new Web Intelligence Document ( button).
  4. In the opened window, select Universe as the data source, and click OK.

How do I save a WEBI report?

To save a document in Webi, you have options to save a report locally, save in BI repository, or export as CSV format. To do this, go to File tab and choose from the options Save/Save As/Save as Enterprise.

How do I create a WebI report in SAP?

How does WebI report improve performance?

how to increase performance in webi report?

  1. ALL formula created in Bex itself.
  2. Enable Query Stripping.
  3. Remove auto width and auto height.
  4. scheduling the report.

What is SAP BO WebI?

SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence (WebI) is a web-based reporting and analysis tool. It provides an interactive way for you to analyze workforce-related data as part of the Washington Workforce Analytics (WWA) Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW).

What does SAP BOBJ stand for?

Business Objects
BOBJ, stands for Business Objects. its the leading BI (business intelligence) company which has been acquired by SAP lately. you can find more about Business Objects here.

How do you create a report in SAP BW?

You start the analysis as follows:

  1. Click Load Data From BW to define the report and start the analysis. The system opens a new window to select the variables for BW reporting.
  2. Select the System ID.
  3. Select the Custom Object Type Variables.
  4. Select the Creation From and Creation To months.
  5. Choose Execute.