Does Delta Match status with United?

Does Delta Match status with United?

Note that United does match other airline statuses at their discretion, but they only publish the matchups for Delta Air Lines and American Airlines. For example: If you have American Airlines Platinum status, you would be matched to United Premier Gold status.

Can you transfer status from United to Delta?

The Medallion Status Match Challenge is our offer for you to switch to Delta. If you currently have elite status with another airline, we will give you the equivalent Medallion Status for three months – complimentary.

Can you transfer airline status?

You simply request that the new airline match the status you have currently. The new airline then grants immediate status so you can try out their airline, or they ask you to complete a certain number of flown miles and potentially spend a certain level on their airline in order to receive the status match.

Who does status match with Delta?

Delta is just one airline that offers customers a “status match”, along with American Airlins, Alaska, & United, among others. Whether you need to change or want to change airlines, if you have elite airline status, there is a shortcut to getting comparable elite status with a new airline.

How long is United status good for?

Once you qualify for a Premier status, it is valid from the date you qualified through the end of the following program year. So, it could last more than 12 months. For example, if you qualify for Premier Silver status in June 2020, you’ll keep your status through the remainder of 2020 and all of 2021.

Do you get Delta status immediately?

Similarly, Delta says SkyMiles members should expect to wait one to two days (48 hours max) for Medallion status to show up after meeting eligibility requirements.

How long does Delta status last?

This complimentary Status will last for three months beginning on the date your request is approved. See all the benefits you’ll enjoy while you Experience the Medallion Difference . If your request is not approved, you’ll receive an email notifying you of Delta’s decision.

What are delta status levels?

Delta has four tiers of elite status: Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. You can earn status by flying and spending enough (see below) within a single calendar year, and once earned you’ll keep it through the following calendar year. So if you earn Gold status in July 2020, you’ll keep it through the end of 2021.

How does status match work with Delta Airlines?

When an airline approves a request for a status match, you’ll keep your elite status with your current airline, giving you status with both airlines once the match/challenge is complete. Delta Air Lines uses the combination of a status match and a challenge.

Does United Airlines offer status matches and challenges?

The elite status you have earned with your current airline, of course, remains intact —once your status is matched with the new airline, you will have dual status! Not all airlines offer status matches and/or challenges, but fortunately, United Airlines is one that does. The Difference Between a Status Match and a Challenge

How does United status match program work?

Bottom Line: United’s status match program aligns your current elite status with their equivalent elite status, and then requires you to complete flying requirements to extend the temporarily granted status. How and When to Submit a Status Match Request Completing the Status Match Request

How long does it take to get elite status on Delta?

Bottom Line: Since Delta Air Lines grants elite status immediately, you can complete your 90-day flying challenge in comfort. Delta does a good job of publishing the requirements for a status match challenge. Image Credit: