Can you use a slim jim on power locks?

Can you use a slim jim on power locks?

Trying to use a slim jim on electric or power locks will do nothing but possibly scratch your window and damage the electronics in your car door. There might be other ways to unlock the door, but don’t try using a slim jim. Ensure your car has upright locks.

How do you unlock a car boot without a key?


  1. Stick the pick down between the window and the window trim.
  2. Feel around with the pick for a rod.
  3. Then, use the pick to lift up the rod and the car door should open.
  4. At this point, locate the trunk release button or lever inside your car.
  5. Push or pull the mechanism to unlock the trunk.

Do Slim Jims still work?

Do slim jims still work? Yes. Slim jims are used to unlock car doors without keys or lock picks, but it can’t open newer cars with internal defenses such as barrier blocks and shrouds for operating rods and lock cylinders.

Will a slim jim work on a car lock?

Slim Jims work on upright car locks. For the locks in this car, you may need to look at alternate options. Thanks! Can you use a slim jim on a car’s rear doors?

How do I use a Slim Jim on a car door?

Wedge the door and put the ruler thru the door, holding the string, and let the string go around the lock button. Pull up. If string comes off, make a slipknot around the lock button and pull up. Thanks! How do I know if I can safely use a slim jim on my vehicle? It’s a very bad idea to slim Jim any modern car.

Can I use a Slim Jim on a 2004 Pontiac Aztek?

No, you cannot use a slim jim on a 2004 Pontiac Aztek. You will damage the parts inside the door. Thanks! How do I unlock an electronic car door with a slim jim? You cannot. It may damage the electronic lock system. Thanks! Can I use a slim jim on a 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix? I would not try it, the link is to high in the door.

Is it illegal to break into someone’s car with a slim jim?

Slim Jims come with notches in a variety of shapes. You can ask an employee at your auto parts store to suggest which shape would work best for your particular vehicle. Thanks! This article is intended for informational purposes. It is highly illegal to break into someone’s vehicle. A sign of carjacking is a detached lock rod. Thanks!