Can you install a toilet on a concrete floor?

Can you install a toilet on a concrete floor?

You can install a toilet on a concrete floor. It may seem intimidating, but installing a new toilet can be a DIY project that you can be proud of. First, you’ll need to think about the type of floor you’ll be installing the toilet on.

Does toilet flange go inside or outside pipe?

Install a toilet flange on the outside. This can be done with a hammer and chisel. If the flange is cast iron with a rubber gasket, you should be able to remove the cast iron with a hammer and chisel, remove the rubber gasket with a sharp knife, then replace the gasket and the flange.

What size pipe do you use for a toilet drain?

3 inches
The standard size of a toilet drain pipe is 3 inches in diameter, but the drain can be up to 4 inches in diameter. The drain pipe is usually connected to a 3-inch schedule 40 toilet drain pipe.

How do I know what size toilet flange I need?

The most common and readily available toilet flange is the 4 x 3-inch size. This pipe is 4 inches wide at the top but only 3 inches wide at the bottom. The 3-inch bottom is the correct size for fitting the schedule 40 pipe most frequently used in home drains.

Can you put a new toilet flange over an old one?

Either slide the new closet flange bolts into the old flange before adding the extender or add them after you adhere the extender to the old flange. Consequently, we chose to add one of the bolts to the old flange first since it was a tight fit. Add metal washers and nuts to the closet flange bolts.

Should toilet drain be 3 or 4-inch?

Waste drain pipes for toilets in modern plumbing systems are either 3 inches or 4 inches in diameter. The wider the pipe, the more waste it can move and the less likely it will be to clog. A 4-inch pipe can carry about twice the waste of a 3-inch pipe.

How to plumb a toilet from start to pipe?

Determine the Location of the Hole. Use a tape measure to measure the size of your walls.

  • Cut Out the Hole- Use Reciprocating Saw. Many toilet use a toilet hole of about 3” in diameter.
  • Install a Toilet Flange.
  • Mark for the Perfect Slope.
  • Cut Through the Mark on the Stack.
  • Dry fit PVC Pipe between the Bend and Tee.
  • How to install toilet pipe?

    Toilet Parts: An Overview

  • Prep the Floor and Soil Pipe. Stuff a rag into the soil pipe to block sewer gas and prevent hardware from falling in.
  • Install the Soil Pipe and Closet Flange.
  • Solder the Stop Valve.
  • Install Toilet Wax Ring,Set the Bowl.
  • Install the Tank.
  • Install the Supply Line and Seat Assembly.
  • Finishing Touches.
  • How to vent a toilet without a vent?

    Locate the toilet drain line and use a hacksaw to cut it 2 inches from the wall.

  • You’ll now need to take a tee fitting and install it to the drain line with the use of PVC glue where the line meets the wall.
  • After the tee fitting has been installed,attach the drain line from the tee to the toilet flange with the use of the PVC glue.
  • How to install new plumbing lines for a toliet?

    – Mark where the floor bolt should go and drill a hole through the sink stand and fasten it to floor using a nut and bolt. – Connect the sink to the hot and cold water lines. Also connect the handles, stopper and drain to the top portion of the sink. – Set the sink onto the stand and glue an adapter with threads to the drain pipe.