Can we eat popcorn in Singapore Cinema?

Can we eat popcorn in Singapore Cinema?

Can I buy popcorn and drinks to eat inside the cinema? Yes, groups of five are allowed in cinemas. Food and beverages in cinemas are only allowed if all customers are in groups of two.

What is Grand seats GV?

Grand Seats are luxurious recliners seats available at GV Grand, Great World City. Auro 11.1 is the most realistic and natural cinematic audio experience.

Is GVmax 3D?

GVmax at GV VivoCity is the ONLY Dolby Atmos enabled cinema in South East Asia! We are starting off with 20 pairs of tickets to GVmax® Dolby® Atmos™ Exclusive Preview of Life of Pi in 3D.

What is the difference between GV and GVmax?

With good reason too, as GV VivoCity is the largest multiplex in Singapore with a total of 15 screens, including 3 Gold Class halls and 1 exclusive GVmax hall. On the other hand, GVmax has one of the widest, non-IMAX cinema screens in Asia (22.4 metres), giving viewers a great view without having to strain their necks.

Can a 4 year old go to the cinema?

Lots of kids see their first movie around the age of 3 or 4, but some parents wait until kids are a bit older, especially if they’re sensitive to loud noises or scared of the dark. Choose the right movie. But also look for movies that are slower-paced or shorter than the average blockbuster.

What are the best movie theatres in Tampines?

Festive Arts Theatre is a well-known movie theatre in Tampines. The theatre has 400 seats and is equipped with 4K digital projection technology and Dolby 7.1 digital surround sound. You can watch movies here at a reasonable cost.

Why Filmgarde cineplexes is the best cinema in Tampines?

Filmgarde Cineplexes is one of the best cinema halls in Tampines. Filmgarde is Known for its standards in Cinematic Technology. The theatre is fully-fitted with the next generation format of Immersive 3D Sound in cinema: AuroMax® 24.1 by Auro Technologies and Barco.

Why choose GV cinemas for your next movie?

Not to mention, GV cinemas also promotes arthouse masterpieces like Parasite and Shoplifters, which has won the Palme d’Or award at the Cannes Film Festival. GV is also the first cinema establishment in Singapore to offer their Movie Club programme that provides a more intimate and personal movie-going experience.

Why choose Golden Village Cinema?

Golden Village cinema is the top film distributor in Singapore and has over 10 multiplexes that houses more than 100 screens across our heartlands.