Are Wise Glasses worth it?

Are Wise Glasses worth it?

The choice items actually give significant power boosts (50%), while Muscle Band and Wise Glasses only raise Attack or Special Attack by a measly 10%. Sure, choice items lock you into one move, but the high boost in speed or power makes it worth it. Plus, good players can get around this.

What do wise Glasses do pokemon?

Wise Glasses is an item introduced in the Generation IV games. A Pokémon holding this item has the power of its special attacks boosted by 10%. Its physical counterpart is the Muscle Band.

Where do I find wise Glasses?

Wise Glasses can be found in Hammerlocke.

Which is better wise Glasses or choice specs?

Choice Specs increases the damage of moves by minimum 40 and scales up depending on your Sp. Atk stat. Wise Glasses simply increases your Sp. Atk stat.

How do you get wise Glasses in Pokémon?

Get from the Man in the Celestic Town Shop You can get battle items from the man inside the Celestic Town Shop depending on the time of day you talk to him. The man will give you a pair of Wise Glasses If you speak to him during the night.

Is expert belt a good item?

Expert Belt boosts the damage of all of a Pokémon’s supereffective attacks, but it doesn’t boost the damage of other attacks. It’s rarely used, but Trainers occasionally give it to Pokémon with many different types of attacks if Life Orb is already being used by another Pokémon in their party.

Does wise Glasses boost healing?

AoE Heals, like Eldegoss’ Synthesis, will heal more from Wise Glasses’ Sp. Atk increase since they scale with Sp….Increases AoE Heal Potency.

Without Wise Glasses With Wise Glasses
517 HP Recovered 558 HP Recovered

What do wise Glasses do Pixelmon?

Wise Glasses are a type of held item that raises the holder’s Special Attack by 10%. It can be obtained as a tier 3 special drop. It is a possible drop from uncommon and rare boss Pokémon.

What are choice specs?

Choice Specs is an item that vastly raises a Pokemon’s Special Attack but only allows them to use a single move throughout a fight. So if you have an instant KO Pokémon, this item is definitely worth grabbing.

Is Wise Glasses good Pokemon unite?

Wise Glasses is a great held item for Pokémon that deal Sp. Atk damage, as it provides both a flat increase and a percentage-based increase to Sp. Atk. This makes it more viable than an offensive held item like Shell Bell, which only provides a flat increase to Sp.

What do choice specs do?

The Choice Specs (Japanese: こだわりメガネ Fixation Glasses) is a type of held item introduced in Generation IV. It boosts the holder’s Special Attack, but locks it into only using one move.