Are MEYLE parts good quality?

Are MEYLE parts good quality?

MEYLE-HD parts are known for their outstanding durability, yet it is not the only added value for workshops to benefit from and make them “Drivers best friend”. MEYLE has also succeeded in increasing spare part replacement efficiency.

Are MEYLE bushes any good?

Meyle hd bushings offer a nice compromise between ride quality and performance. Most of the performance improvement with less harshness. Most important thing is that they will last many times longer than the oe style. If your ball joints are good, no reason to replace the arms you have.

Are MEYLE brakes good?

MEYLE-PD: brake discs and pads in outstanding quality. That’s where MEYLE-PD comes in: MEYLE-PD brake discs and brake pads are components which offer optimal braking performance and which also set new benchmarks in durability, noise comfort, optics and simple installation – and, of course, they are ECE-certified.

Who makes MEYLE?

Gaertner Autoparts GmbH
Gaertner Autoparts GmbH, which was transformed into Wulf Gaertner Autoparts AG in 1999. The fully family-owned business is now a holding company.

Is MEYLE part of OEM?

Our production process is certified in accordance with the ISO/TS 16949 standard, which allows us to supply production parts to original equipment and vehicle manufacturers (OEMs).

Where are MEYLE rotors made?

The convincing arguments of our MEYLE-PD brake discs: cutting-edge paint technology made in Germany. ready-to-fit – no degreasing, most kits come with the locating screws.

Are MEYLE parts made in Germany?

Due to the high degree of effort that our MEYLE engineers put into these steps, we take pride in our MEYLE parts, which are “ENGINEERED AND QUALITY APPROVED IN GERMANY”.

Where are lemforder parts made?

Founded in Lemförde near Bremen, LEMFÖRDER still engineers over 90% of its parts in Germany. As part of a global organization, LEMFÖRDER follows the footprints of the automotive industry and has production and engineering sites all over the world.


MEYLE-HD: better than OE. MEYLE does it better: our MEYLE-HD products are technically superior to the OE part, whilst the reinforced and optimised design and high-quality materials make them more durable and reliable – as a result, they simply last longer and often outperform OE parts.

Are meyle parts made in Germany?

How do you pronounce meyle?

Two pronunciations: 1) Earliest is Mi (like Pie) lee (as in Robert E. Lee) in the Michigan area of Kalamazoo, Battle Creek and Detroit, and hear it is German from near Strasburg, Freidburg and/or Stuttgart SW area of Germany; 2) my name due to my father adding an accent aigu (acute accent) on last E of the name in 1938 …

Are MEYLE parts made in China?

Meyle are a German company, but may well manufacture things in china.

Where can I find Meyle?

Much has happened since the company was founded in 1958: we’ve developed from an exporter to a manufacturer with its own production facilities and its own MEYLE brand. MEYLE parts can be found at workshops around the world – in 120 countries on all continents.

Is Meyle good for suspension parts?

Meyle is good for parts with little labor to replace. If it’s a difficult job, use lemforder or mb. ( Trw is oem for some w124 suspension bits). Nothing worse than an inferior suspension bit having to be redone after two years because of a 30-40% savings on the part.

Is Meyle an OEM supplier to Mercedes?

Meyle is not a OEM supplier to Mercedes. Not now, not ever. They are primarily Chinese parts. Lemforder ARE an OEM supplier to MB and many of their Lemforder branded parts used to have the MB star ground off. I say used to because in recent years Lemforder is getting tricky.

Are Meyle parts made in Germany?

Most meyle parts say “engineered in Germany”, but hardly ever made there. Meyle is OEM supplier too… Click to expand… Meyle is not a OEM supplier to Mercedes.