Who is the CEO of Coca-Cola 2020?

Who is the CEO of Coca-Cola 2020?

CEO James Quincey
Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey, a 25-year veteran of the company, has been hearing it from disgruntled niche beverage fans.

Who is the CEO of KO?

James Quincey

James Quincey
Title Chairman and CEO, The Coca-Cola Company
Predecessor Muhtar Kent
Spouse(s) Jacqui Quincey
Children 2

Where is James Quincey from?

London, United Kingdom
James Quincey/Place of birth

Who is CEO of Pepsi?

Ramon Laguarta (Oct 3, 2018–)

What is the salary of the CEO of Coca-Cola?

The biggest gap belongs to beverage giant Coca-Cola, where CEO James Quincey’s base salary of $1.6 million in 2020 was 14,007% greater than the company’s median employee salary of $11,342.

Who is the CEO of Sprite?

Muhtar Kent
Kent in 2009
Born Ahmet Muhtar Kent December 1, 1952 New York City, U.S.
Education University of Hull (BA) City University, London (MBA)
Predecessor E. Neville Isdell

Who is the CEO of Lenovo?

Yang Yuanqing (Feb 5, 2009–)

Is James Quincey a billionaire?

The estimated Net Worth of James Quincey is at least $40.9 Million dollars as of 23 April 2021. Mr. Quincey owns over 110,000 units of Coca-Cola Co stock worth over $16,184,448 and over the last 9 years he sold KO stock worth over $5,992,800.

Who is James Quincey wife?

Jacqui Quincey
James Quincey/Wife

Who is the CEO of Coca-Cola?

James Quincey is Chairman and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company. Quincey, who first joined the company in 1996, has held a number of leadership roles around the world. He became CEO in 2017 and Chairman of the Board in 2019.

Who are the Board of directors of Coca Cola?

Board of Directors 1 Herbert A. Allen. Herbert A. Allen has been a Director of The Coca-Cola Company since 1982. 2 Helene D. Gayle. Dr. Gayle has been a Director of The Coca-Cola Company since 2013. 3 Alexis M. Herman. Alexis Herman has been a Director of The Coca-Cola Company since 2007.

Did the Coca-Cola Company send you a sweepstake?

The Coca-Cola Company has learned of several text messages, emails and letters being sent to people that falsely claim the recipient has either won a sweepstake or a cash prize from our Company. The text messages direct the recipients to a website that appears to be, but is not, an official site of The Coca-Cola Company.

What is Coca-Cola doing with the trademark?

People love Trademark Coca-Cola, and we’re doing more with the trademark than ever before. Coca-Cola Zero Sugar continued to grow in the double digits globally. Coca-Cola Orange Vanilla was our first new Trademark Coca-Cola flavor in 12 years. We expanded Coca-Cola with Coffee across more than 35 additional markets.