What system does Massage Envy use?

What system does Massage Envy use?

Massage Envy Chooses LogRhythm to Protect Customer Data at More than 680 Locations Across US – LogRhythm.

Who owns the brand Massage Envy?

Trivest Partners (Trivest) has signed on to own and operate 75 Massage Envy franchises through the purchase of existing franchise locations and the development of new franchise locations.

Does Massage Envy do therapeutic?

Your massage therapist will pull from various massage techniques – trigger point, deep tissue, etc. At Massage Envy , it’s all about you. Enjoy a massage therapy treatment at a Massage Envy near you.

Is Massage Envy individually owned?

Independently owned and operated locations Each Massage Envy franchised location is independently owned and operated, and pricing and services may vary by location.

Is Massage Envy a corporation?

Massage Envy Franchising LLC is an American massage and skin care national franchisor, based in Scottsdale, Arizona….Massage Envy.

The company’s logo
Founded 2002
Area served United States
Key people Beth Stiller (CEO) Kathy Collins (CMO)
Website massageenvy.com

Is Massage Envy worth the money?

Bottom Line – Is a Massage Envy Membership Worth It? If you love massages and get them regularly, not skipping a month, a Massage Envy membership may be worth it. However, being locked in for a year can get rather costly, especially if you don’t use your massages regularly. At $600+ a year, it’s a hard pill to swallow.

Is the Massage Envy® brand safe?

Each Massage Envy franchise location is independently owned and operated. Please check with your Massage Envy franchise location if you have any questions. The Massage Envy® brand’s commitment to safety has never been greater.

How do you ensure the safety of Massage Envy facilities?

Closely monitor the CDC’s designated safety watch and warning levels and implement additional measures as appropriate. Massage Envy recently worked with industry leader CTEH to conduct a deep, holistic review of the Massage Envy brand standards targeted at sanitation and infection prevention and control.

What are Massage Envy’s requirements for franchisees?

Massage Envy franchised locations must also: Require all employees to practice good hand hygiene, including regularly washing their hands with warm water for at least 20 seconds, including before and after touching members or guests.