What pads to use compounding?

What pads to use compounding?

3M’s white foam pads are suitable for compounding, their black pads for polishing, and their light blue pads for ultra-fine polishing or applying wax. Foam pads will often have a convoluted face designed to better hold compounds and polishes so as to reduce the slinging of the liquid off the pad during use.

What Pad do I use for cutting compound?

How To Choose Your Pads. WOOL PAD – highly aggressive pads used for cutting or heavy compounding and removes extreme swirls or oxidation on very hard paint. It removes heavy oxidation much better than foam pads and generates less heat resulting in cooler surface.

Can you reuse compounding pads?

I reuse pads pretty often, but only for wholesale work. If you wash a pad, you will either have to use the same compound, or something heavier. Never go to a lighter compound with a pad you used for heavy cutting, no matter how well you wash it, the heavy cut will still make it to the surface.

How long does a compound pad last?

Re: How long do polish pads last? The cutting foam pads genereally last about 10-12 cars fro me. The polishing pads maybe double that. I wash them by hand with mild detergent ( woolite) after each use and let them air dry.

Should I use compound or polish?

Polish acts like finer grit sandpaper than compound. Polishing a vehicle can reduce the appearance of scratches and get rid of remaining contaminants, oxidation, and other minor imperfections that compounding did not remove. With polishing, you can keep your car shiny longer than waxing it alone can.

What is a white buffing pad used for?

The pad is used for spray cleaning or dry buffing soft finishes using a rotary machine (175-800 rpm). It is also used for light cleaning under an automatic scrubber. This extra fine pad has been designed for polishing clean, dry floors. White polishing pads are a perfect match when used to polish marble floors.

Can you machine wash polishing pads?

I wash my pads in the washing machine after soaking them in Dawn and water for 24 hours. I find it loosens up all the crap in the pad nicely before the washer gets its turn. I just use laundry detergent as well and they come out squeaky clean.

How long should a buffing pad last?

Buffing & Polishing pads: the lifespan of these types of pads range between 75,000-100,000 square feet per pad. UHS Burnishing pads (all synthetic and natural hair blends): Generally speaking, UHS pads should last 100,000-150,000 square feet.

Why choose 3M wool compounding pads?

For auto body compounding and buffing applications, 3M Wool Compounding Pads feature fast-cutting wool abrasive for attaining flawless finishes on clear coat, paint and the latest composite surfaces.

What compounding pads can I use with 3M perfect-it ex rubbing compounds?

Wool compounding pads are recommended for use with 3M Perfect-It EX Rubbing Compounds including 36058, 36060 and 36061, ideal for multiple stages of compounding including 1200P or finer sand scratch removal.

What type of abrasive pads are used with 3M products?

Whether 100 percent wool or 60/40 wool blend abrasive, these pads work effortlessly with 3M compounds and attachment systems for a variety of jobs including the removal of compound swirl marks and fine paint surface defects.

What is a wool abrasive pad?

The double-sided pad features a stiff, durable center hub that supports the wool abrasives during flat or aggressive compounding procedures. Its 100 percent untwisted wool yarn construction features looser, more spread-out fibers. This creates a fuller pad for good handling across larger surface areas.