What is the Mississippi River level at Guttenberg Iowa?

What is the Mississippi River level at Guttenberg Iowa?

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Location Height Status
Mississippi River at Lynxville (lynw3) 614.26ft Normal
Mississippi River at Mc Gregor (mcgi4) 7.99ft Normal
Mississippi River at Guttenberg (gtti4) 5.90ft Normal
Mississiippi River at Du Buque (dldi4) 5.80ft Normal

What is the Mississippi River stage at Dubuque Iowa?

Flood Stage:17 Ft. Record High Stage:26.81 Ft….

Latest Data 02/04/2022 22:00 Central
Latest Stage 8.17 Ft.
Last Year’s Stage 8.74 Ft.
Today’s Historic Normal Stage 7.60 Ft.
Today’s Historic Max Stage 10.20 Ft.

What is the current water level of the Mississippi River?

22.18 ft on 04/19/1965. 20.20 ft on 04/17/1969. 20.13 ft on 04/16/2001. 19.17 ft on 04/18/1952….Mississippi River Flooding – Latest Stages, Forecasts Here.

Flood Categories
Major Flood: 21 ft 21 ft
Moderate Flood: 18 ft 18 ft
Flood Stage: 15 ft 15 ft
Action Stage: 12 ft 12 ft

Why is the Mississippi River Flooding 2020?

Persistent heavy rains soaked the Mississippi River watershed in the first two months of 2020, swelling rivers from the Missouri to the Gulf of Mexico. By March 5, the Mississippi River at New Orleans crested at 17.1 feet, bringing it officially to flood stage.

How high is the Mississippi River in Dubuque Iowa?

612.28 Ft.
Mississippi River at Dubuque,IA Record High Elevation:612.28 Ft. Location of Gage : Located in Dubuque county, IA.

What is a River stage?

“Stage” is the water level above some arbitrary point in the river and is commonly measured in feet. For example, on a normal day when no rain has fallen for a while, a river might have a stage of 2 feet. If a big storm hits, the river stage could rise to 15 or 20 feet, sometimes very quickly.

What is Mark Twain Lake level?

Mark Twain Lake’s level or normal pool level is 606 above sea level. High lake levels can affect boat ramp access and how well the fishing is.

How wide is the Mississippi River at Dubuque?

At its skinniest point, the river is between 20 and 30 feet wide, but at its largest, the Mississippi River is more than 11 miles wide! How long is the Mississippi River? The Mississippi River is approximately 2,381 miles long.

What river runs through Dubuque?