What is the life expectancy of a Samsung refrigerator?

What is the life expectancy of a Samsung refrigerator?

Refrigerators tend to make it to the old age of 15 years, sometimes less time and sometimes longer. Normally, you stop using a refrigerator appliance when it suddenly dies, but it’s usually better to replace it before that day comes.

Who manufactures Samsung refrigerator?

Samsung. Samsung Electronics may be best known as the maker of Galaxy cell phones, but the Korean company also makes a number of Samsung branded ‘smart’ household appliances, including cooktops, refrigerators, wall ovens, microwave ovens, and laundry machines, as well.

Which is the best Samsung refrigerator?

Top Samsung refrigerators

  1. Samsung 476L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (RT49K6758S9)
  2. Samsung 251L frost-free double-door refrigerator (RT28K3082S8)
  3. Samsung 670L Single Door Refrigerator (RT65K7058BS)
  4. Samsung 654L Side by Side Refrigerator (RS58K6417SL/ TL)
  5. Samsung 275L Single Door Refrigerator (RT30K3723S8)

How do I return a bespoke refrigerator to Samsung?

Bespoke Refrigerators can be returned for the full purchase price or returned for a new eligible model refrigerator. To initiate a return contact Samsung at 1-833-554-0084 or [email protected] Proof of purchase from Samsung.com and dated proof of delivery is required.

How do I exchange my Samsung refrigerator or door panel?

Eligible Refrigerators can be exchanged for a new eligible Refrigerator and eligible front door panels can be exchanged for new eligible front door panels. To initiate return or exchange contact Samsung at 1-833-554-0084 [email protected] Dated proof of delivery is required.

How long does it take for Samsung to refund an appliance?

Free returns up to 15 days after delivery of an appliance. $0 down and 6, 12 or 18-month plans available for most appliances. † †No Interest if Paid in Full within 12, 18 or 24 Months: Available on purchases of select products charged to a Samsung Financing account.

What does AP mean on a Samsung refrigerator?

The refrigerator will display AP when it is acting as an access point. This is so that the fridge can be set up for Wi-Fi features such as SmartThings. You usually make this code appear by pressing and holding the button indicated during SmartThings setup.