What is the gospel station in Philadelphia?

What is the gospel station in Philadelphia?

JAMJACKJR ENTERPRISES, LLC. is proud to announce that it will sign on its new gospel radio station. Philly’s Favor 100.7 “Working for His Favor Every Day” will launch on June 8, 2020 and will broadcast on translator W264BH 100.7 FM and WJBR HD-3.

Where can I submit a gospel song?

Christian Music Submissions 2022: Best Radio Stations and Playlists to Submit Your Music

  • Add This Music.
  • Way Loud Power FM Radio.
  • NLD Radio ATL.
  • Look Up Radio.
  • WGTS 91.9.
  • LifeSongs.

What channel is gospel music on?

Gospel Music Radio Stations:

Call Freq. Format
KBLK 106.3 Gospel
KBRS 106.9 Gospel
KBUB 90.3 Gospel
KBWW 88.3 Gospel

What is the gospel station for Columbia South Carolina?

WFMV (620 kHz) is a commercial AM radio station licensed to Cayce, South Carolina, and serving the Columbia metropolitan area. It is owned by Glory Communications and broadcasts an urban gospel radio format. By day, WFMV is powered at 2,500 watts.

What station is praise Philly?

Praise 107.9 is now heard on the Praise 107.9 HD 2 channel, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

What channel is gospel music on XM radio?

Kirk Franklin’s Praise
Slogan Gospel music
Frequency Sirius XM Radio 64 DISH Network 6064
Format Gospel music
Class Satellite Radio Station

Where can I submit my music for free?

FREE Playlist Submission Platforms

  • Daily Playlists. https://dailyplaylists.com/
  • Best Playlists Ever. https://thebestplaylistsever.com/
  • Virmedius. https://virmedius.com.
  • Never Enough Music. https://www.neverenoughmusic.com/
  • SoundPlate. https://soundplate.com/new-spotify-playlists/
  • Ditto.
  • Xune Mag.

What channel is gospel on Sirius radio?

What are the best gospel songs?

Thanks to him, fellow gospel artists like Earnest Pugh, James Fortune, and Zacardi Cortez have gained notoriety. The highlight of Douglas’ Gospel Mix Christmas is the slick, soulful “Christmas Day,” recorded by Cortez with the late gospel powerhouse Shawn McLemore. 4. “Fall in Love With Christmas” – Mariah Carey, Khalid and Kirk Franklin

Is gospel music Christian?

Gospel music, widely popular among Christians all over the world, is a genre in Christian music. Christian music lovers are always seeking for ways to get a huge collection of Gospel songs to listen from, when they feel the need to lighten their mood. listen to the best Top 100 Gospel Songs Free Praise and Worship Music. Get Praise and Worship

What are the gospel stations?

The Union Gospel Mission will be serving Christmas meals to those in need from 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM at the Bessie Smith Cultural Center. The Gospel Mission is asking for volunteers as they are needed to serve the dinners and distribute cold-weather clothing.

What is gospel radio?

Gospel Radio Stations Premier Gospel. Website: premiergospel.org.uk. Premier Gospel offers a whole host of heavenly tunes all day every day, so you can get your favourite gospel tracks whenever you please. This station is based in 22 Chapter Street, London and was first on the airwaves in 2010 on February 1st.