What is the FSS program?

What is the FSS program?

FSS is a program that enables HUD-assisted families to increase their earned income and reduce their dependency on welfare assistance and rental subsidies.

What can FSS funds be used for?

Common goals include employment, education and training, financial management and security, and homeownership-related activities. See Verma et al. Multiple household members can set their own goals and receive assistance from the FSS coordinator in achieving them.

What is a NOFA grant?

Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grants support those communities that have undergone a comprehensive local planning process and are ready to implement their plan to redevelop the distressed public and/or assisted housing and neighborhood. The FY 2020 NOFA was issued on August 24, 2020.

What is a self-sufficiency grant?

Generally, Modest Needs offers Self-Sufficiency Grants to qualified individuals / households who need help to afford two specific types of expenses: Unexpected or emergency expenses that an individual or family living paycheck-to-paycheck could not possibly afford without a short-term hand-up.

What is FSS in mortgage?

Family Self -Sufficiency (FSS) is a program serving HCV & Public Housing participants who wish to increase their earned income and reduce their dependency on welfare assistance and rental subsidies.

What is family self-sufficiency?

Family Self-Sufficiency Program. Promotes the development of local strategies to coordinate public and private resources that help housing choice voucher program participants and public housing tenants obtain employment that will enable participating families to achieve economic independence.

What is an FSS account?

What is the FSS Escrow Account? The FSS escrow account is an account maintained by the PHA or owner that grows as the earnings of FSS participants increase. Like other families in the HCV, public housing or project-based Section 8 programs, most FSS participants pay rent based on a percentage of their household income.

What does nofa stand for?


Acronym Definition
NOFA Notice of Funding Availability
NOFA Notice of Funds Available
NOFA National Organic Farmers Association
NOFA Notification of Funds Available (also seen as Notice of Funds Available; grant information)

What is nofa in construction?

Affordable Housing Preservation Notice of Funding. Availability (NOFA) Training: Construction Monitoring.

What is FSS in housing?

The Family Self-Sufficiency Program, commonly known as FSS, helps families increase their earnings and build financial capability and assets. The FSS program serves: Families in the Housing Choice Voucher program. Families living in public housing. Families living in HUD-assisted multifamily developments.

What is an FSS coordinator?

As the principal front-line staff responsible for implementation, FSS program coordinators are the backbone of the FSS program. FSS coordinators coach program participants, conduct needs assessments, provide referrals to services and trainings, and help participants stay on track to achieve their goals.

What is a FSS participant?

The Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) Program is designed to assist families and individuals in becoming financially stable by providing individualized case management services and financial incentives. Participation in the program is voluntary and requires a five-year personal commitment by participants.

What is the deadline for the FSS Nofo 2021?

The deadline for the FSS NOFO may still appear to be September 7, 2021 on grants.gov, however you may still submit your application through grants.gov if you are eligible for the extension. Please review the extension notice and the updated NOFO for more details including covered disaster areas.

What is self-sufficiency for FSS?

For the FSS program, self-sufficiency is further defined as a work-able family’s ability to maintain itself free from income-based public safety net programs such as TANF, SNAP, Medicaid and housing assistance.

What is the new FSS performance measurement system?

In pursuit of advancing HUD’s ability to evaluate the effectiveness of the FSS program, per statutory mandate (Section 23 (i) (2) of the Housing Act of 1937), HUD has developed a new FSS performance measurement system to provide HUD, Congress, and public housing agencies (PHAs) with information on the performance of individual FSS programs.

What is the ratio required in the NOFA?

The ratio required in the NOFA is 25 for one full-time coordinator and 50 for each additional full-time coordinator.