What is SSP usps?

What is SSP usps?

Self-Service Profile, or SSP, is a secure application that allows USPS employees to manage how they log in to: LiteBlue, PostalEASE, eReassign, eIDEAS and eOPF.

How do I bid on a usps route?

How To Bid Assignments / Routes on USPS LiteBlue

  1. Visit LiteBlue (www.liteblue.usps.gov) and enter PIN and Employee ID Number where indicated.
  2. Click on “My HR” button along the top row.
  3. In the right column under the “I Am” section select “A Craft Employee”
  4. Click ‘Enter Job Bids”

How do I set up SSP usps?

Set Up your SSP Profile in Self-Service Profile (SSP) Application From any web browser: Go to ssp.usps.gov Click on the Enter SSP button The Self-Service Profile Login screen will display Page 2 Page 2 of 2 Enter your Employee Identification Number (EIN) (Your Employee Identification Number EIN is printed at the top of …

How do you call in sick on LiteBlue?

To request unscheduled leave, the employee should log into LiteBlue, select the eLRA icon in the Employee Apps — Quick Links section and follow the on-screen prompts. The information will be securely transmitted to the employee’s manager, providing both the employee and the manager with a record of the request.

How do I call in sick USPS?

The USPS Call In Sick Number To do so, call the Interactive Voice Response system at 877-477-3273 as soon as you can to report your leave. You will be required to: Give the operator your employee identification number. State your illness and the number of days or hours you require off.

What is my employee pin?

Employees must be assigned PINs (personal identification numbers) in order to access their Employee Earnings and Leave records. PINs are assigned to employees to allow them to access their own records through Web-enabled applications.

How do you know if you get a successful bid USPS?

Go to liteblue, then eJob bidding, then Employee Bid List, then Display Bid History and see if one says Successful Bidder.

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How long does it take to get EIN USPS?

Ensure that the Form SS-4 contains all of the required information. Mail Form SS-4 at least 4 to 5 weeks before you need your EIN to file a return or make a deposit. You will receive your EIN in the mail in approximately 4 weeks.

How do I find my USPS employee ID?

If you are a USPS employee, your identification number is the letters “EIN” followed immediately by your Employee ID (for example, EIN00000000). Your Employee ID is an 8-digit number printed at the top of your earnings statement or paystub, above the label “Employee ID”.

How many times can you call in sick USPS?

How Many Times Can You Call In At USPS? The Postal Service offers a generous benefits package, with full-time employees able to accrue unlimited sick leave and part-time employees up to 13 days per year. Thus, call-ins are normal and permissible, especially when done through the correct channels.

Can you request days off at USPS?

Employees still have the option to request scheduled leave by submitting a PS Form 3971, Request for or Notification of Absence. To request scheduled leave, employees should log into LiteBlue, using a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

What are the SSP FAQs for USPS?

SSP Self Service Profile FAQs The following questions and answers are for the guidance of USPS employees managing their Self Service Profile or SSP. SSP Frequently Asked Questions 1. What is Self Service Profile or SSP? 2. What happens to my PIN? Do I still use my PIN? 3. Is SSP Secure? 4. Who has access to SSP? 5. How do I log into SSP? 6.

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What is RTB (real time bidding)?

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