What is Spindump on Mac Activity Monitor?

What is Spindump on Mac Activity Monitor?

Spindump is a tool used to create hang report files to notify you of application hangs. For example, when the application crashes, Spindump will display a dialog box to alert you of the crash and allow you to 1.) view more details about the crash and/or 2.) send the crash details to Vidyo or Apple.

How do I run diagnostics on a Mac?

Apple silicon

  1. Start up your Mac.
  2. Continue to press and hold the power button as your Mac turns on.
  3. Release the power button when the startup options window appears.
  4. Press Command-D to run the Diagnostics.
  5. Apple Diagnostics will run automatically. When it is complete, it will present a list of the problems encountered.

What does system diagnostics do on Mac?

System Diagnostics: Creates a report based on different logs on your Mac. Spotlight Diagnostics: Creates a report based on all the processes running on your Mac.

How do I turn off Spindump on Mac?

Disabling tailspind and spindump on macOS High Sierra

  1. Boot your Mac into Recovery Mode by restarting with Command-R held down until the Apple logo appears.
  2. Once your Mac is in Recovery Mode, go to Utilities > Terminal.
  3. In the Recovery Mode Terminal, issue csrutil disable and press return.
  4. Reboot your Mac.

What is Spindump txt?

DESCRIPTION. spindump is used by various system components to create reports when an unresponsive application is force quit. Reports are stored at: /Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/ For normal application force quits spindump will display a dialog to offer the choice to view more details and/or send a report to Apple.

How do I virus check my Mac activity monitor?

How to check Activity Monitor for Mac viruses:

  1. Open Activity Monitor from Applications > Utilities.
  2. Go to the CPU tab, if you’re not already in it.
  3. Click the % CPU column to sort high to low, and look for high CPU use.
  4. If you see a process that looks suspicious, do a Google search on it.

What is Bird process on Mac?

Bird is the back-end process behind iCloud. It’s one of the system daemons that macOS uses to back up your Documents to iCloud. If the process is actively running in the background, this indicates iCloud is syncing your files. If you don’t solve the problem quickly, this results in your Mac continually running hot.

What does’run spindump’&’run system diagnostics’do in Activity Monitor?

Could someone please explain what “Run Spindump” & “Run System Diagnostics” does in ‘Activity Monitor’? Good question. You don’t need to worry about running those. They will run automatically when needed by the system. The information they generate (some) is sent to apple automatically (unless that setting is disabled).

How to use spindump to view hung processes?

The first case can be seen from the Spindump by many calls to the same function over and over. A good thing to use in such situations is Activity Monitor – take the sample of a hung process there, and you can view it in several useful ways, hiding unimportant frames, etc.

Can I share a sample or spindump to troubleshoot an issue?

To share a Sample or Spindump to troubleshoot an issue: The only personal information contained in these diagnostics is the path to the application being sampled. For further information see Apple’s documentation for Run system diagnostics in Activity Monitor on Mac.

What is the difference between sample process and spindump report?

Sample Process: Creates a report on a selected process over a period of 3 seconds. Spindump: Creates a report for unresponsive apps that were terminated using force quit. System Diagnostics: Creates a report based on different logs on your Mac. Spotlight Diagnostics: Creates a report based on all the processes running on your Mac.