What is footwork dancing called?

What is footwork dancing called?

Breaking. In breakdance, moves performed on one’s hands and feet may be referred to as downrock or (especially in the southern United States) as footwork.

What’s the difference between juke and footwork?

Explaining the difference between juke and footwork is kind of like explaining the difference between jungle and drum and bass. Juke is all about dancing with somebody, and footwork is all about dancing against somebody.

What is Chicago style footwork?

Footwork is a style of house dance/street dance that originated in Chicago in the late 1980s and 90s. The dance involves fast movement of the feet with accompanying twists and turns, and usually takes place as part of a “battle”.

Who created Chicago footwork dance?

CHICAGO (WLS) — Footwork is a fast-paced style of dance and electronic music that emerged from Chicago’s West Side in the 1990s. Today, footwork is a global phenomenon. “We changed up the style of music to fit us as dancers,” said DJ Spinn, who helped create the style alongside the late DJ Rashad, who died in 2014.

Where did the footwork dance originate?

Footwork music, and the dance moves that it’s made for, emerged out of Chicago at the turn of the century as a strand of the lo-fi ghetto house genre that was popular there during the mid-90s – with a sprinkling of influences blowing up to the Windy City from the Detroit records often played on local radio.

What is footwork dance?

Footwork is a style of African American dance and music with 30 years of cultural history in Chicago. Footwork dancing started on the west side of Chicago in the 1980s to the sounds of house music. In the late 90s, footwork dancing inspired the creation of footwork music, a new take on house music made specifically for dance battles.

Why is footwork music so popular?

Over the last decade, the popularity of the footwork music that soundtracks dance contests across the West and South sides of Chicago exploded across the UK, Europe, and Asia, captivating a global audience with its irrepressible, unpredictable energy.

What is the origin of footwork?

It is derived primarily from Ghetto House and Juke music, both styles and scenes closely associated with it, while also incorporating elements of Hip Hop. Footwork production features frenetic, syncopated rhythms, often half-time tempo, and extensive use of repetitive samples, skittering drum fills, tom drums, handclaps, and snares.