What is an Essex-Lopresti injury?

What is an Essex-Lopresti injury?

Abstract. The Essex-Lopresti injury results from a high energy trauma to the upper extremity causing significant instability to the forearm joint. The radial head is fractured, the interosseous membrane is torn, and the distal radioulnar joint is disrupted.

How to diagnose Essex-Lopresti?

In case of a clinical suspect Essex-Lopresti injury the recommended diagnostic tools to find or rule out an intraosseous membrane (IOM) rupture are either MRI or ultrasound (US).

What is the radial head?

The radial head is at the top of the radius bone, just below your elbow. A fracture is a break in your bone. The most common cause of a radial head fracture is falling with an outstretched arm.

What is a monteggia fracture?

A Monteggia fracture-dislocation refers to dislocation of the radial head (proximal radioulnar joint) with fracture of the ulna.

What is the terrible triad of the elbow?

Fracture-dislocations of the elbow remain among the most difficult injuries to manage. Historically, the combination of an elbow dislocation, a radial head fracture, and a coronoid process fracture has had a consistently poor outcome; for this reason, it is called the terrible triad.

What is the difference between Galeazzi and Monteggia fracture?

Monteggia fractures and Monteggia variants are fractures of the proximal 1/3 ulna with concomitant proximal radioulnar joint (PRUJ) disruption (evident by radiocapitellar subluxation or dislocation). Galeazzi fractures are fractures of the radial shaft with concomitant dislocation of the distal radioulnar joint (DRUJ).

What is Galeazzi and Monteggia fracture Mnemonic?

GRUesome MURder assists remembering which bone is firstly fractured and then secondly which is dislocated: G: Galeazzi R: radius fracture U: ulna dislocation. M: Monteggia U: ulna fracture R: radial head dislocation.

What is Essex Lopresti dislocation?

Essex-Lopresti fracture-dislocation. Essex-Lopresti fracture-dislocations comprise a comminuted fracture of the radial head accompanied by dislocation of the distal radioulnar joint. The force of trauma is transmitted down the forearm through the interosseous membrane causing disruption.

What is an Essex-Lopresti fracture-dislocation?

An Essex-Lopresti fracture-dislocation is a serious injury of the elbow that often results from a traumatic accident or a slip and fall injury. This fracture-dislocation takes place in the elbow.

What is the classification of Essex Lopresti fracture?

Classification. The proposed classification of Essex-Lopresti fracture-dislocation is based on the severity of radial head fracture 5. type I: large fragments; type II: comminuted; type III: chronic injury with proximal migration of the radial head; Pathology

What is Essex-Lopresti injury?

These may result in “terrible triad” injuries of elbow dislocation, radial head fracture and coronoid fracture. Essex-Lopresti injury. An associated distal radioulnar joint injury with rupture of the interosseous membrane