What is a Metsec frame?

What is a Metsec frame?

Metsec Steel Framing Solution (SFS) is a fast track steel stud panel framing system which is fixed as infill between the primary structural frame and provides a carrier for insulation, exterior cladding and interior boarding.

Is Z purlin stronger than C purlin?

Z purlins, also called Zee Purlins, are horizontal beams that form the roof and wall joists of a building shell structure. The name comes from resembling the letter Z. The shape of the purlins helps in overlapping the joint which makes it stronger and studier than C purlins.

What is a steel framing system?

Steel framing systems (SFS, for short) are modern structural systems which are designed for the easy, fast construction of modern framed buildings. SFS systems are proving an increasingly popular choice in modern buildings, compared to other construction materials.

Why choose Metsec steel framing?

Steel Framing. Metsec developed and now lead the market when it comes to light gauge galvanised steel structural framing systems suitable for a wide range of applications in most sectors of construction.

Where to use Metsec lateral support angle?

The Metsec lateral support angle, as shown, should be used in the roof plane and wherever possible, should be tied across the apex, or fixed to a laterally rigid component. In addition to this, diagonal tie wires must be installed as shown.

Is Metsec plc open?

Metsec Live Meeting. Book yours today COVID-19 UPDATE: Please note during the second lockdown in November, voestalpine Metsec plc is open and fully operational. Metsec’s Purlins Division is the UK’s largest designer and manufacturer of light gauge galvanised steel purlins, side rails and mezzanine floor systems.

What is a Metsec eaves beam?

The Metsec eaves beam is a purpose-designed profile for use as an eaves purlin, top sheeting rail and gutter support.