What is 0x02 in ASCII?

What is 0x02 in ASCII?

Appendix F. ASCII Table

Dec Hex Raw encoding
0 0000 0x00
1 0001 0x01
2 0002 0x02
3 0003 0x03

What is 0x7f in ASCII?

0x7f ascii => Control Code 127 (DEL)

What is 0x25 in ASCII?

NUL 0 0x0 SOH 1 0x1 ENQ 5 0x5
SP 32 0x20 ! 33 0x21 % 37 0x25
0 48 0x30 1 49 0x31 5 53 0x35
@ 64 0x40 A 65 0x41 E 69 0x45
P 80 0x50 Q 81 0x51 U 85 0x55

What is hex 0x0A?

As has been said already, 0x0A is equal to decimal 10 (ten). This is equal to the ASCII code for LF (Line Feed), which is a newline on many systems.

What is hex 0x01?

0x01 means 1—a one in the ones place—and 0x80 means 128—an 8 in the sixteens place. Those numbers refer to the lowest bit and highest bit in an eight-bit number, respectively. Shifting them gives masks for the individual bits in the byte.

What is 0x20 character?

The space character, that denotes the space between words, as produced by the space-bar of a keyboard, represented by code 0x20 (hexadecimal), is considered a non-printing graphic (or an invisible graphic) rather than a control character.

How is 0xff calculated?

The value 0xff is equivalent to 255 in unsigned decimal, -127 in signed decimal, and 11111111 in binary. So, if we define an int variable with a value of 0xff, since Java represents integer numbers using 32 bits, the value of 0xff is 255: int x = 0xff; assertEquals(255, x);

What is the hex value of 0x00 in ASCII?

ASCII Character Hex Value 0 nul 0x00 1 soh 0x01 2 stx 0x02 3 etx 0x03 4 eot 0x04 5 enq

What are the decimals of ASCII characters?

Data Table of ASCII Characters Decimal Number ASCII Character Hex Value 0 nul 0x00 1 soh 0x01 2 stx 0x02 3 etx 0x03 4 eot 0x04 5 enq

How to convert hexadecimal 30 to ASCII?

Use ASCII table: 30 = 3×16^1+0×16^0 = 48 = ‘0’ character Hex to ASCII text conversion table

How to use hex to ASCII text converter?

How to use Hex to ASCII Text converter? 1 Paste hex byte codes in input text box. 2 Select character encoding type. 3 Press the Convert button. More