What does trim stand for in document management?

What does trim stand for in document management?

Originally known as Tower Records Information Management Context (TRIM), it has since been bought and further developed by Hewlett Packard and now called HPRM (Hewlett Packard Records Management).

What program is trim?

HP TRIM is a scalable enterprise document and records management solution that simplifies the capture, management, security, and access to your information in business context. It enables your business to easily comply with regulations and policies, and helps you secure information from inappropriate access and misuse.

What is hpe records manager?

HPE Records Manager is a comprehensive Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS) and a cornerstone of the HPE Information Governance portfolio. It is a solution that enables you to meet your requirements today, while catering for your information governance needs of the future.

Is trim a content management system?

Overview. Micro Focus Content Manager (formerly known as HP TRIM and HPE Records Manager) is a governance based enterprise content management (ECM) system designed to meet the global needs of government, regulated industry and enterprises.

Is CM9 a trim?

Common Words – TRIM/CM9 calls common words (e.g. and, or, but) Noise Words and does not index them. The words can be used in record titles and notes but they cannot be used as the search value in word based searches.

Why do they call it trim?

Trim is slang for female genitalia. In the blues, it’s usually used by a man to express a need or an intention, as in “I’m gonna get me some trim tonight.” This usage has been around since the 1920s. This meaning for trim is still in use today.

What is a trim file?

TRIM is RMIT’s electronic document and records. management system. It is used to capture RMIT Records. TRIM is used to manage both physical and electronic records. and files.

Who owns content manager?

Micro Focus Content Manager

Developer(s) Micro Focus International. Preceding owners:Hewlett-Packard, HP Software Division from initial technology developed by TOWER Software (acquired by HP)
License Proprietary
Website software.microfocus.com/en-us/products/enterprise-content-management/overview

Is trim legit?

Trim will automatically take care of your bills, credit card interest, subscriptions are more. All you need to do is download the app and let Trim do the work, meaning you don’t have to spend hours on the phone with companies. It is highly secure and will protect your information with many levels of security.

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Is TRIM needed for SSD?

TRIM isn’t magical, and you don’t have to have it. Modern SSDs with garbage collection will work fine without it (and most SSD OEMs have utilities available to “refresh” SSDs that are being used in non-TRIM environments).

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What is a trim practitioner?

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