What did Matt Damon say when Robin Williams died?

What did Matt Damon say when Robin Williams died?

Matt Damon on the Death of Robin Williams: ‘Ben and I owe everything to him’ In the weeks that have followed Robin Williams’ death, countless friends have spoken of the comedian’s generous spirit. For Williams’ “Good Will Hunting” co-star Matt Damon, that generosity was life changing.

How much was Robin Williams worth at his death?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Robin Williams was worth $50 million at the time of his death, which was a drastic decrease from his $130 million fortune.

What celebrities said about Robin Williams?

“Robin brought so much joy into my life and I will carry that joy with me forever,” he said. “He was such a beautiful man. I was lucky to know him and I will never, ever forget him.” Nathan Lane, Williams’ “Bird Cage” co-star, added similar sentiments about the late actor.

What did Matt Damon think of Robin Williams?

“I have so many memories of that guy[Williams],” Damon said. “He changed our[Damon and Affleck] lives and he couldn’t have been more gracious, more hardworking.”

Does Matt Damon live in Aust?

Matt Damon leaves Australia with his daughters and catches a commercial flight home to the US after six months living Down Under – as lockdown looms across the country. Hollywood star Matt Damon spent six months living in Australia with his family, where he filmed a role in the latest Thor installment.

Who is Matt Damon’s wife?

Luciana Barrosom. 2005
Matt Damon/Wife

How did people react to Robin Williams death?

In the wake of the shocking news of Robin Williams’s death, there was an outpouring of love and support for the late actor. Many celebrities took to Twitter to express their deep sadness and broken hearts. His daughter, Zelda Williams, tweeted a heartbreaking message for her dad, along with a powerful quote.

Was Live by Night a true story?

The film, though it’s definitely historical, isn’t based on a true story. It is, however, based on an award-winning crime novel published in 2012. The novel, written by Dennis Lehane, is also titled Live By Night, and follows the same general plot as the film.