What can you make out of shoelaces?

What can you make out of shoelaces?

20 Fun Shoelace Crafts You Can Do

  • Necklace inspired by the beach.
  • Shoelace Necklace.
  • Colored Shoelaces.
  • Shoelace & Soda Tab Bracelet.
  • Shoelace Bracelet.
  • Shoe Lace Flip Flops.
  • How to Make T-shirt Shoelaces.
  • Shoelace Bracelet Tutorial.

How do you make a lace choker?


  1. Open the jump ring and slide charm onto ring. Close ring with hands or pilers if necessary.
  2. Slide jump ring with charm onto shoelace, halfway down the shoelace so it sits in the middle of the ‘necklace’
  3. Using gold leaf or gold paint, paint the plastic parts of the shoelace.
  4. Let dry & wear your new choker!

How do you make a tribal necklace?

DIY Tribal Necklace Tutorial

  1. Cut the rope to a little longer then the length you want the necklace (wrap masking tape around the ends to keep from fraying).
  2. Start wrapping the string around the rope leaving the starting end loose.
  3. To switch colors, double knot the two strings together.

How to make a bracelet out of lacing cord?

Soft leather cord,610mm (24″) long.

  • A bead with a hole large enough to accommodate 2 strands of your cord.
  • Embellishments for your cord ends – beads,charms,etc.
  • 2 sturdy jump rings – for attaching your embellishments to the knotted cord ends.
  • Scissors or other cutter for your cord.
  • How do you make simple crochet bracelets?

    Introduction 1:25

  • Materials 1:24
  • Starting to Crochet 0:59
  • Chain Stitch and Making the Bracelet 1:56
  • How to Add Beads 3:19
  • Final Thoughts 1:11
  • How to crochet an easy bracelet?

    Use your artistic side through crocheting an ankle bracelet for the summer. It is a cool pattern you could use beads with. It is also an easy crocheting pattern your kids may even learn to make. Join the buttons with a slip stitch and fasten both the ends. Append a loop or a cozy magnetic closure and you are done with the project.

    How to make a cool leather bracelet?

    Leather or other thick fabric

  • Pattern
  • Cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Needle and thread
  • Buttons