What are the interface tables in general ledger?

What are the interface tables in general ledger?

Oracle EBS R12 General ledger interface tables

Interface Table Column Name Date Type

What is Journal import in Oracle Apps?

Journal Import creates journal entries from accounting data you import from Oracle and non-Oracle feeder systems. Journal Import creates journal entries from data in the GL_INTERFACE table. Oracle feeder systems automatically populate this table.

How do I delete GL interface records?

To delete journal import data from the import table:

  1. Navigate to the Delete Journal Import Data window.
  2. Identify the data you want to delete from the General Ledger import table by entering a journal entry Source for which you have imported data.
  3. Enter the Request ID corresponding to the Journal Import run.

What is ADP General Ledger?

It converts ADP payroll data to a general ledger (G/L) file for import into your accounting software. General Ledger Interface streamlines the process of creating payroll journal entries and updating your G/L file after each payroll run.

What is journal in Oracle Apps r12?

Oracle Assets automatically creates transaction journal entries for your general ledger, if you have set up the journal entry category for that transaction type for that book. Oracle Assets creates journal entries that summarize the activity for each account for each transaction type.

How do I delete an unposted journal in Oracle?

Upon locating the journal click on Review Journal. 4. Upon selecting Delete, you will see a message on screen stating ‘Are you sure you want to delete this journal entry? ‘ Select Yes and then click the save icon .

How do I delete a journal entry in Oracle?

To delete journals:

  1. On the Home page, click Consolidation Journals.
  2. From the journals list, select the journal to delete.
  3. Click the Actions icon and then select Delete.
  4. At the system prompt, click Confirm.

What is GLI in payroll?

This chapter provides overviews of payroll data processing to general ledger interface (GLI), accrued salary and bonus calculation, and leave liability calculation, and discusses how to: Link journal types to general ledger groupings.

What is GL Post date ADP?

GL date is the date used to determine the correct accounting period for your transactions where as the GL posting date is the date when the journal entry is posted th GL.

How do I edit a journal in Oracle?

See the Oracle Hyperion Financial Management Administrator’s Guide . To edit journals: Select Consolidation, then Journals, and then Manage. To change the Point of View, click a dimension name and from Member Selection, select dimension members.

How do I change the journal entry in Oracle?

To change the currency of an unposted journal entry:

  1. Navigate to the Enter Journals window.
  2. Query the batch and journal within the batch that you want to change. The Enter Journals window appears.
  3. Choose Review Journal.
  4. Choose Change Currency.
  5. Enter the journal currency conversion information.
  6. Save your work.

What is the purpose of the GL_interface table?

The GL_INTERFACE Table The GL_INTERFACE table is where Journal Import receives accounting data that you import from other systems. When Journal Import receives this data, it validates and converts your import data into journal entries within your General Ledger application.

What is the list of error codes in GL interface?

List of error codes in gl interface? EP01 This date is not in any open or future enterable period. EP02 This set of books does not have any open or future enterable periods. EP03 This date is not within any period in an open encumbrance year.

Is there a error table for GL_interface?

But I did fail to see in the database. There is no separate error table for the GL_interface. All the records which are in error will be in the gl_ interface table itself. Check the gl import request output to find the error and the error explanation. Hi Madhavi..

What is the latest version of the Oracle general ledger R12?

Oracle General Ledger – Version 12.0.0 and later: How to Delete Data From The GL_INTERFACE Table in Oracle General Ledger R12 How to Delete Data From The GL_INTERFACE Table in Oracle General Ledger R12 How to Delete Data From The GL_INTERFACE Table in Oracle General Ledger R12 (Doc ID 560907.1) Last updated on JANUARY 07, 2021