What are the beaches like in Tuscany?

What are the beaches like in Tuscany?

Top 8 Beaches in Tuscany

  • Forte dei Marmi beach.
  • Marina di Pisa.
  • Talamone beach.
  • Castiglioncello bay.
  • Follonica beach.
  • Cala Violina beach.
  • Isola Del Giglio.
  • Feniglia beach.

Does Florence Italy have a beach?

Florence is inland so there are no beaches in Florence city as such. However, good roads and train connections mean getting to the coast from the city is easy so if you feel like going to the beach while in Florence, you can!

Does Livorno have a beach?

Unfortunately there are no good beaches in Livorno.

Is Tuscany on the water?

Tuscany reaches for hundreds of miles (including its islands) along the magnificently blue and limpid Tyrrhenian Sea. The islands like Elba and Giglio have rocky shores, remarkably clear waters, dramatic bluffs, points, and coves.

How far is Tuscany from the ocean?

Tuscany has a long coast (230 kilometres) with a lot of variety. You can choose a very civilised ‘bagno’ in Versilia in the north, the glitzy resorts of Viareggio, Forte dei Marmi, the tranquil Tirrenia or Marina di Pisa. The further south you go, the clearer the water becomes.

Does Florence have nice beaches?

When thinking of Florence, beaches probably aren’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, Florence is in the perfect, central location to reach many beautiful beaches! During hot summer days, sometimes it is necessary to escape the hustle and bustle of the tourist attractions in the city.

How far is Florence Italy from the ocean?

How far is it from Florence to Mediterranean Sea? The distance between Florence and Mediterranean Sea is 1231 km.

Are there beaches in Pisa Italy?

Beaches are both sandy and with pebbles, and along the coast there are many bathing facilities and restaurants. Read also “Marina di Pisa, a beach town not far from the Leaning Tower”. There are both free and equipped beaches.

Are there any beaches in Tuscany?

Tuscany is a paradise for beach lovers of all kinds; its coastal zones not only vaunt a wide variety of beautiful beaches, but they’re often flanked by many of the region’s most enchanting towns. In Castiglione della Pescaia don’t miss the beaches of Marze, Rocchette and Punta Ala.

Which is the best beach in Grosseto Italy?

Best Grosseto beaches 1 Windswept and wild to Italian-style: you can’t go wrong. The best Grosseto beaches: from tamed sands with a choice of bars and restaurants upon them, to windswept wide, wild and 2 Marina di Grosseto beach. 3 Principina a Mare beach. 4 Fiumara beach. 5 Le Marze beach.

What is it like to live in Grosseto?

Grosseto is a beautiful city nearly on the edge of the Tuscan region. It is known as the political and cultural center of the Maremma – Tuscany’s wilder, coastal territory, often overlooked by tourists. It’s an ideal base for exploring the surrounding hilltops and sea sections, and has a family-friendly tranquility, as well as unexpected surprises.

What are the best Maremma beaches to visit?

Then do it all over again the next day (well not the wedding!), any day, because the best part is that these Maremma beaches are gorgeous anytime of the year. As its name suggests, Marina di Grosseto beach is right next door to Grosseto’s marina and it’s whole length is backed by beach establishments with their own bars and restaurants.

What is the history of Grosseto?

The city’s development is more recent than that of other deeply historic villages in Maremma; it was founded in 935, when Roselle was completely destroyed by Saracen pirates. Grosseto was a Sienese dominion from 1336 and only surrendered to the Medici family in 1559 following the battle of Montalcino.