What are some drills for lacrosse?

What are some drills for lacrosse?

More Lacrosse Drills

  • Cradling. Against the Wall: Stand with your back to a wall and cradle.
  • Pick-ups. Bowling: There are two lines at the 50 yard-line and one person between them with all of the balls.
  • Shooting. Rapid Fire: About 15-20 balls are lined up on the top of the arc.
  • The Wall Drill.

When passing a lacrosse ball you should?

When you pass, you need to bring your top hand down about 12 inches above your bottom hand. Don’t position your top hand at the top of the stick and “push” the ball when passing. This will result in less power being generated. Your top hand needs to come down the stick when passing.

What are the 5 basic skills of lacrosse?

These basic ball skills include scooping, passing, catching, cradling and shooting. Lacrosse is also a very physical sport and requires an understanding of checking and dodging techniques. Practicing and mastering these basic skills will make for a more rewarding playing experience.

How do you teach lacrosse IQ?

To develop Lacrosse IQ on your own, start by watching films of games to look for what you missed when you were playing. It’s a great way to learn about the sport, because a lot becomes glaringly obvious on playback. Then there are things you’ll need a coach to point out, but watching film is a good place to start.

What are some advanced lacrosse goalie drills?

G1 simulates that an attackman is pressuring him and gives a face dodge before making the outlet pass

  • G1 carries the ball to mid-field before making the outlet pass
  • G2 can make a re-direct pass to G3,G1 still sprints to the other side
  • Add extra attackman to provide pressure on the goalies
  • How to pass the ball in lacrosse?


  • Behind the Back Pass
  • Bounce Pass
  • Crease Pass
  • Diagonal Pass
  • Feed
  • Flip Pass
  • Give and Go
  • No Look Pass
  • Over the Shoulder Pass
  • What do they use to throw the ball in lacrosse?

    Passing Motion. To perform a basic overhand pass,a player cocks the crosse back past their shoulder,steps forward with the opposite foot and pushes the top hand forward while

  • Types of Passes. There are several different ways to pass the ball in lacrosse.
  • Assist.
  • Behind the Back Pass.
  • Bounce Pass.
  • Crease Pass.
  • Diagonal Pass.
  • Feed.
  • Flip Pass.
  • Give and Go.