Should I invest in Isoray?

Should I invest in Isoray?

There are currently 3 buy ratings for the stock. The consensus among Wall Street research analysts is that investors should “buy” Isoray stock.

Will Isoray stock go up?

The IsoRay, Inc stock price gained 1.98% on the last trading day (Friday, 28th Jan 2022), rising from $0.35 to $0.36. , and has now gained 3 days in a row….Predicted Opening Price for IsoRay, Inc of Monday, January 31, 2022.

Fair opening price January 31, 2022 Current price
$0.35 $0.36 (Overvalued)

Where is Isoray located?

Isoray’s corporate headquarters is located at 350 Hills Street, Suite 106, Richland WA 99354.

How many employees does IsoRay?

Isoray employs approximately 40 employees, dedicated to the introduction of a unique isotope for the treatment of both common and also difficult to treat cancers.

What does IsoRay company do?

About IsoRay, Inc. The Company, through its subsidiary, IsoRay Medical, Inc., develops, manufactures and sells isotope-based medical products and devices for the treatment of cancer and other malignant diseases. The Company is engaged in the production and sales of Cesium-131 (Cs-131) brachytherapy seeds.

What is the half-life of palladium 103?

For example, the half-life of Palladium-103 is 17 days. That means that the prostate receives half of the dose in the first 17 days; then one quarter in the next 17 days. The useful dose will have been delivered in three to four half-lives.

What is a cesium implant?

Cesium implants, also known as brachytherapy, are tiny radioactive seeds about the size of grains of rice that we place inside a tumor cavity. The radiation, sealed within titanium casings, damages DNA in the tumor cells before dissipating over time.

How long do prostate seeds last?

About 100 seeds are commonly implanted. The implants remain in place permanently, and become biologically inert (inactive) after about 10 months. This technique allows a high dose of radiation to be delivered to the prostate with limited damage to surrounding tissues.