Is ichthammol the same as Ichthyol?

Is ichthammol the same as Ichthyol?

Ammonium bituminosulfonate or ammonium bituminosulphonate (synonyms of ichthammol, CAS#8029-68-3 brand name: Ichthyol) is a product of natural origin obtained in the first step by dry distillation of sulfur-rich oil shale (bituminous schists).

Is ichthammol coal tar?

Most tar compounds are derived from coal tars, but oil shale tars (ichthammol), juniper tars (cade oil), or pine tars are sometimes used.

Is ichthammol carcinogenic?

Ichthammol and VL are discussed together because they contain polycyclic hydrocarbons [3,8,9], which is a group of substances that includes known carcinogens [10,11].

Is ichthammol antibacterial?

Antibacterial properties Results show that ICHTHAMMOL® is not effective as a pure substance only but has a distinct antibacterial effect also in concentrations between 10% and 50% usually applied in topical administration.

Is ichthammol safe?

Can ichthammol cause problems? Ichthammol is unlikely to cause side-effects unless you are allergic to one of the ingredients. If so, your skin may become irritated and you may develop a rash. If this happens, stop using it and speak with your doctor for further advice.

What are the common diseases in fish?

Some miscellaneous diseases in fish are eye diseases, swim bladder diseases which are rare and caused due to lack of nutrition’s in food. Most of the fish diseases are caused due to stress in fish being due to transport, improper acclimation and water quality issues.

How to treat Ich disease in fish?

As it is a disease of the digestive tract, characterized by the loss of appetite. An effective treatment is the drug metronidazole. A combined treatment in the food (1% in any food the fish will eat) and in the water (12 mg per liter) is recommended. Repeat the water treatment every other day for three treatments. iii. Ich (Ichthyphthirious):

What are the symptoms of Haemophilus in fish tank?

Symptoms: the major symptoms of this bacterial disease are loss of appetite and slow body movements. Haemophilus is the bacteria which causes ulcers. Treatment: Treatment the fish tanks with 1% CUSO4. Antibiotics like Oxytetracycline and chloramphenicol are best to treat this disease.

What is ichthyosporidium in fish?

Ichthyosporidium is a fungus, but it manifests itself internally. It primarily attacks the liver and kidneys, but it spread everywhere else. The symptoms vary. The fish may become sluggish, loosely balanced, show hollow bellies, and eventually show external cysts or sores.