Is Ebony magazine still being published?

Is Ebony magazine still being published?

On May 24, 2019, Clear View Group suspended the print edition of the magazine, with the Spring 2019 issue the last to be printed. In March 2021, the magazine relaunched in digital format.

Who owns Ebony magazine now?

Ulysses Bridgeman
Ebony stopped printing its magazine in 2019 and Johnson Publishing filed for bankruptcy the same year. The magazines changed hands again last year, with Milwaukee Bucks alum and Black businessman Ulysses Bridgeman buying Ebony and Jet for $14 million in December. It officially relaunched in March.

Why was Ebony created?

As an archival resource, the publication reimagined its meaning and value as a vital record of American history. Ebony was founded to provide positive images for blacks in a world of negative images and non-images. It was founded to project all dimensions of the black personality in a world saturated with stereotypes.

Who is the editor of Ebony magazine?

Marielle Bobo
Sklenar has installed Michele Thornton Ghee, formerly an executive at BET Networks and CNN, as the company’s chief executive; Marielle Bobo, a former fashion director of Essence magazine, is Ebony’s new editor in chief.

Who buys old Ebony magazines?

Ebony and Jet magazines, which have chronicled African-American life for the past 71 years, have been sold to an Austin, Texas-based private equity firm. Johnson Publishing Co. announced Tuesday that Ebony and digital-only Jet were sold to Clear View Group.

Who owns Coke heartland?

Junior” Bridgeman, Jr.
“Junior” Bridgeman, Jr., is the owner and chief executive officer of Heartland Coca-Cola Bottling Company, LLC, a Kansas limited liability company which owns and operates a Coca-Cola production/manufacturing facility in Lenexa, Kansas, and 17 Coca-Cola distribution facilities sprinkled across the USA’s heartland.

Who owned Jet magazine?

In 2016, Johnson Publishing sold Jet and its sister publication Ebony to private equity firm Clear View Group. As of the date of sale, the publishing company is known as Ebony Media Corporation.

Do old Ebony magazines have any value?

Sold! Ebony Magazine’s Iconic Photo Archive Sells for $30 Million.

How much is Coke heartland worth?

The firm employs 2,000 people, and boasts revenues of approximately $650 million. The firm currently operates 17 sales and distribution centers in their catchment area.