How many Europe countries list and capitals?

How many Europe countries list and capitals?

Europe is the second smallest continent and the third most populous continent. Europe is approximately 3.93 million mi² and has a total population of over 741 million people. Europe has a total of 44 countries.

What is the 44 country in Europe?

Holy See
Countries in Europe:

# Country Population (2020)
41 Monaco 39,242
42 Liechtenstein 38,128
43 San Marino 33,931
44 Holy See 801

Is Italy a country?

Italy is a south-central European country, whose boot-shaped borders extend into the Mediterranean Sea. The country became unified in the 19th century. Italy is a republic with more than 60 million people. Its capital, Rome, is its largest city.

How many capitals are in Europe?

47 European capitals
So, which capitals came out on top? The following are the 47 European capitals, ranked from worst to first. * Due to size and unreliable datasets, Andorra, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino and Vatican City were left off this list.

What are the worst countries in Europe?

Vaccine hesitancy Caseloads may be high in some Western Europe countries, but thanks to vaccines Russia is enduring its worst-ever phase of the pandemic. Moscow began a 10-day lockdown on Monday as its officials openly admitted that the country

What are the countries and their capitals?

Country Capital city; M: Madagascar: Antananarivo: Malawi: Lilongwe: Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur:

How to pronounce countries and their capitals?

Lesson Summary. Let’s take your mouth to the gym for an English workout!

  • Afghanistan/æfˈɡænɪstan//æf ˈgænɪstɑːn/.
  • Albania/ælˈbeɪnɪə/.
  • Algeria/ælˈdʒɪərɪə/.
  • Andorra/ænˈdɔːrə/.
  • Angola/æŋˈɡəʊlə/.
  • Antigua and Barbuda/ænˌtiːɡə ən bɑːˈbuːdə/.
  • Argentina/ˌɑːdʒənˈtiːnə/.
  • Armenia/ɑːˈmiːnɪə/.
  • Australia/ɒˈstreɪlɪə/.
  • What are the largest capitals in Europe?

    Russia – 3,972,400 sq km. Russia is the largest country in Europe by land area.

  • Ukraine – 605,628 sq km. Ukraine covers a total land area of 605,628 sq km and a population of about 42 million people.
  • France – 551,394 sq km.
  • Spain – 498,468 sq km.
  • Sweden – 449,964 sq km.
  • Norway – 385,178 sq km.
  • Germany – 357,168 sq km.
  • Finland – 338,145 sq km.