How long can you feed paylean?

How long can you feed paylean?

Research also shows Paylean’s benefits are dose, and duration dependent. Traditional strategies encouraged feeding Paylean at 4.5 g/ton for 28 days, but trial data supports increasing the dose to 6.75 g/ton, and feeding for 35 days for improved performance.

Is ractopamine a paylean?

Paylean® is the trade name for Elanco’s ractopamine hydrochloride. Ractopamine is a Beta adrenergic agonist. Simply put, Paylean® shifts nutrients into synthesizing more lean or muscle, and away from fat deposition.

Is there a withdrawal period for paylean?

The withdrawal time of Paylean® is 0 days. A withdrawal time of 0 days mean that the half-life of the product is very short in the animal’s body and that no violative tissue residues (including in the muscle, liver, kidney, etc.) have been found.

Can humans take paylean?

Not for use in humans. Keep out of the reach of children. The Paylean 9 formulation (Type A Medicated Article) poses a low dust potential under usual conditions of handling and mixing. When mixing and handling Paylean, use protective clothing, impervious gloves, protective eye wear, and a NIOSH-approved dust mask.

Can you feed paylean to cattle?

Paylean™ is labeled for use in swine and Optaflexx™ is labeled for use in cattle. Both contain ractopamine hydrochloride but at much different concentrations. Remember it is illegal to feed either product to species other than what is listed on the label.

What is the active ingredient in paylean?

ractopamine hydrochloride
WARNING: The active ingredient in Paylean, ractopamine hydrochloride, is a beta-adrenergic agonişt. Individuals with cardiovascular disease should exercise special caution to avoid exposure.

What is paylean feed?

Paylean® is a swine feed premix containing ractopamine hydrochloride, which directs nutrients to increase the amount of quality meat in high value cuts and improves production efficiency.

Is paylean a steroid?

Paylean is the trade name for ractopamine hydrochloride, a pharmaceutical product that causes the hog’s metabolism to shift nutrients from fat to muscle growth. It is a type of drug known as a beta-agonist; it is not a steroid, antibiotic, or biotechnology product.

Can Paylean® be used on cattle?

Ractopamine HCl is approved for use in both swine and cattle. The cattle product is called Optiflexx ® and is not approved to be fed to swine. The best teacher of using this product is experience. Experience will show exactly what Paylean ® will do and how a pig will respond.

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How much Paylean ® can I Feed my pigs?

However, pigs change, and a pig once thought to be sound can be slightly unsound after it reaches 200 lbs. Paylean ® can be successfully fed to these pigs if care is given and it is done under a watchful eye. In this scenario I would recommend no more than 9 grams/ton. As always, read the label. 2. Stress status