How do you use a Plantronics K100?

How do you use a Plantronics K100?

First Time: With speakerphone turned off, activate Bluetooth pairing mode by pressing and holding the Multi- function button to turn on speak- erphone. The LED flashes red/blue to indicate pairing mode. Select “PLT_K100” from the list of Bluetooth devices shown on your phone.

How do I pair my Plantronics K100 Bluetooth?

On your cell phone, make sure Bluetooth is turned on. Start with the speakerphone powered off. Press and hold the multifunction (on/off) button for about 5-6 seconds until you hear the voice alert say, “Pairing.” The light on the speakerphone also starts flashing an alternating red-blue.

How do you use multipoint speakerphone Bluetooth?

When you hear a beep, press and hold the “V+” button for 3 seconds under standby mode. Multipoint function will automatically connect to the last two mobile phones that have been paired before when the speakerphone is turned on.

How do I reset my Plantronics K100?

How do I reset my K100?

  1. Press and hold the power button and, without letting go, plug the charger into the speakerphone.
  2. When a stead light appears on the speakerphone, let go of the button.
  3. Unplug the charger.
  4. Wait 2 seconds and turn the speakerphone on again.

How do I pair my Plantronics K100 with my Iphone?

How do I connect multipoint speakers to my car?

(1) Place the speakerphone and mobile phone no more than 1 meter apart. (2) Ensure the speakerphone is under OFF mode. (3) Press and hold the “MFB” button for 6 seconds until the LED flash red and blue alternatively, it is now ready for pairing.

How does Bluetooth multipoint work?

When discussing Bluetooth, we often describe it as a simple, low-energy, wireless connection between two devices. Simply put, Bluetooth multipoint gives you the ability to pair two different Bluetooth sources—like your smartphone and laptop—to a compatible headphone, both at the same time.

How do I turn on multipoint speakers?

a: Multipoint On: Under standby mode, press and hold “V+” button for 3 seconds until you hear a beep. After turn on the multipoint function, the speakerphone will automatically connect to the last 2 mobile phones that has been paired before.

What Bluetooth version has multipoint?

Bluetooth 4.0
Bluetooth multipoint was introduced with the release of Bluetooth 4.0, over ten years ago. It’s a feature that allows a single Bluetooth headset to maintain simultaneous connections to at least two source devices like a laptop and smartphone.

How does Bluetooth hands free work?

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows two compatible devices to communicate. In the car, it lets you operate a mobile phone “hands-free,” meaning you don’t have to hold the device while making or taking a call or performing such functions as accessing the phone’s address book.

Can Bluetooth connect to multiple devices?

Android users need to go to Bluetooth Settings and pair either Bluetooth headphones or speakers one by one. Once connected, tap the three-dot icon on the right and click on Advanced Settings. Toggle on the ‘dual audio’ option if not already turned on. This should enable users to connect to two devices at once.