How do you get the Tuckwell Scholarship?

How do you get the Tuckwell Scholarship?

Applicants who are eligible for consideration under the Educational Access Scheme (EAS) may apply for a Tuckwell Scholarship if they are predicted by their school to achieve an ATAR of 90 or higher. have undertaken: at least one high school English course/unit in at least one semester during Year 11 or Year 12; and.

How much is the Tuckwell Scholarship?

As a Tuckwell Scholar you will receive: $22,350 per annum (2021 rate) (increasing with inflation) each year for the length of your undergraduate degree program (studying full-time), to cover on-campus residential costs, books and general living expenses.

How many people get the Tuckwell Scholarship?

The Tuckwell Scholarship is pleased to announce its eighth intake of new Scholars who will commence at ANU in February 2021. Twenty-five students from across Australia have been selected from a competitive field of almost 1400 applicants, which is nearly double the previous application record.

What is the Hansen scholarship?

The Hansen Scholarship is a flagship scholarship program at The University of Melbourne. From 2020, The Hansen Scholarship will be awarded to talented undergraduate students whose financial circumstances present a challenge to accessing a first-class education.

Who are the Tuckwells?

A transformative university experience With their gift, Graham (an ANU alumnus) and Louise Tuckwell (a university medallist) have become pioneers in the support of education in Australia.

How much scholarship can I get in UNSW?

Scholarships of $10,000 per annum for the duration of the program will be awarded to eligible students from India commencing their study in Terms 1, 2 and 3 2022. The scholarships are available for undergraduate and postgraduate coursework study across all disciplines at UNSW Sydney.

How do international students apply to UNSW?

There are three simple steps to submitting your application.

  1. Find your degree. Explore our world-class degrees and find one right for you. Search degrees.
  2. Check entry requirements. Check that you meet the academic and English language requirements.
  3. Submit your application. Apply direct online or via an official UNSW agent.

Who are the ANU Tuckwell Scholars 2019?

Twenty-five remarkable students have become The Australian National University (ANU) Tuckwell Scholarship recipients following the final stage of assessment last week. The 2019 round of Tuckwell Scholars hail from all around Australia, including Mount Isa, Yeppoon, Tamworth, Bathurst, Nambour and Moruya.

How much do Tuckwell Scholars get paid?

The students will receive over $21,000 per year for up to five years for their study costs, and participate in a program of academic and social enrichment designed by current Tuckwell Scholars and supported by a team of academic and professional staff.

What is the 2020 Tuckwell Scholarship cohort?

The 2020 cohort will also participate in a social and academic enrichment program designed by current Tuckwell Scholars, which includes mentoring and skills development. Now in its seventh year, The Tuckwell Scholarship is founded by the generous philanthropy of Graham and Louise Tuckwell.

How many scholarships do we award each year?

We award 25 Scholarships are each year and offer talented and motivated students the opportunity to realise their potential by providing financial support, personal enrichment and development opportunities. Most importantly, Scholars can connect with and learn from one another within our home on campus, Scholars House.