How do I reset my Rheem pool heater?

How do I reset my Rheem pool heater?

Reset the circuit breaker by turning the circuit breaker off and then back on. Wait five minutes for the Rheem pool heater to power back on and the “Power” light on the control panel to illuminate.

Is Rheem the same as Raypak?

Yes the heaters are identical. Raypak and Rheem are owned by the same parent company and there is one larger distributor of swimming pool supplies that brands the Raypak heat pump on the Rheem brand name.

What does a unitherm governor do?

The unitherm governor senses if the water in your heater is too hot, changing the function as needed. This essential part protects some of the most expensive and essential parts of your Raypak heater from damage.

Why is my pool heater not coming on?

The most common cause of swimming pool heaters refusing to start up is a dirty swimming pool filter. A dirty filter or pump basket can restrict the water flow so much that the heater simply can’t work.

Why is my pool heater not heating?

The most common issue when a swimming pool heater won’t heat is also the simplest one, a dirty swimming pool filter. A dirty pool filter or pump basket will restrict the water flow, so always ensure that everything is clean and all valves are open.

Are Raypak pool heaters good?

Raypak has proven to be a reliable, affordable heater for pool owners across the nation. Unlike the Hayward H-Series heaters, the standard residential Raypak heater does not come with Low NOx emissions nor a cupro-nickel heat exchanger.

Should I leave my pool heat pump on all the time?

Unlike gas heaters, heat pumps are most efficient when they are run for long periods of time and when they are run often. If you only run your heat pump when you use your swimming pool, your heat pump will have to raise your water temperature by as much as 20°F (11°C) every time you use your swimming pool.

Why is my Raypak pool heater not working?

Check the Power: If your Raypak pool heater isn’t working at all, the problem could be something as simple as a lack of power. Go make sure there aren’t any tripped circuit breakers in the fuse box, then check that the unit’s time clock is set to the “On” position.