How do I make the background transparent in PowerPoint 2010?

How do I make the background transparent in PowerPoint 2010?

Click the circle to the left of Picture or texture fill, then click the File button. Browse to the picture that you want to make transparent, then click the Insert button. Drag the transparency slider until you have achieved your desired level of transparency.

How do I make the background of a picture transparent in PowerPoint?

How to make a picture transparent in PowerPoint

  1. Insert your picture and selected it.
  2. Go to the Picture Format tab > Colors.
  3. In the drop-down menu, select the option Set Transparent Color.
  4. Now all you have to do is click on the color you want gone!

How do I make a picture background transparent?

You can create a transparent area in most pictures. Select the picture that you want to create transparent areas in. Click Picture Tools > Recolor > Set Transparent Color.

How do you make a picture transparent in Word 2010?

Make part of a picture transparent

  1. Select the picture, and go to Picture Format > Color or Picture Tools > Format > Color.
  2. Select Set Transparent Color.
  3. When the pointer changes, select the color you want to make transparent.

How do I change the opacity of a shape in Powerpoint?

Apply transparency to a shape

  1. Select the shape or shapes that you want to make transparent.
  2. Right-click, and on the context menu, select Format Shape.
  3. In the Format Shape pane, set the Transparency slider to the percentage of transparency that you want.

How do you fade a picture in Powerpoint?

Click the Animations tab in the Ribbon. In the Animations group, click the More down arrow on the bottom right of the Animations gallery. Click the Fade entrance animation in the Entrance group. By default, the picture will fade in on click during a slide show.

How to make an image background transparent in PowerPoint?

– Select the image you want to make transparent – Navigate to the Picture Tools Format tab – Open the Transparency Tool options – Choose from one of the preset transparency options, or click on Picture Transparency Options to choose a custom setting.

How do you set a background in PowerPoint?

Select the slide that you want to add a background picture to.

  • On the Design tab,in the Background group,click Background Styles,and then click Format Background .
  • Click Fill,and then click Picture or texture fill.
  • How to create the Best PowerPoint presentation background?

    Brown Earth,simplicity,outdoors

  • Purple Royalty,wisdom,spirituality,mystery
  • Orange Warmth,expansive,flamboyant
  • White Purity,reverence,cleanliness,simplicity. Given these general interpretations,you would want to steer away from using too much of colors such as black,orange,gray,red and brown,since
  • How to change the background in PowerPoint?

    Go to the DESIGN tab.

  • Click the Format Background button.
  • In the Format Background Pane that appears,select the type of fill for your slide background.